29 November 2006


monday nie my exam.n i haven't prepare anything.pray for me k

21 November 2006

-to b me-

It’s been a while since I’ve been able to update my blog.although I know no one’s gonna read my blog,I don’t care. I juz wanna update it. Tis week had been a very hectic week for me.lotsa works to do and still at the same time had to study for my selanjar tis 3rd.oh my god, I think I don’t have any idea what I’m learning right now.God help me. I juz finished my titas paper juz now.wut a paper!! The busy line interrupt me from using the internet. That means I cant check my email,update my friendster,chat using my YM and everything to do wif the internet.oh god, life is so boring without internet.all I do is watching cds and tv.
Hm..although my brain is so damn tired. Icant stop myself thinking tat im single again.haha..borink!! during skool time I’ll be the 1st one to show funny faces when my friends started talking about tis topic.tat was the reason why my ‘gank’ seldomly talk about guys.but know it seems like im the one who’s starting on the topic.fuh!! funny rite??!! How people change when they get older..and so is myself.
I’ve been leaved by guy before and for some reasons tat r hard to explain.i’d done the same thing to some guy.SORRY!!
Sometime u juz feel sad whenu remember urself as single. But if we start to think again.how fun life is during single time then we r gonna appreciate it.
I’ve seen some of my friends who r already married.they look happy.but who knows,deep in their heart they might been thinking the opposite think.hah!! sound synical rite.
Actually im not trying to oppose anybody.its juz tat I’m thinking how very ready the person had to b before they decide to get married and how I see myself as a ‘i-am-not-ready-yet’ person.haha..maybe one day I’ll.but the time juz hasn’t arrive yet.may be when its my time,then god will open my heart and let it be ready.rite god.
It’s a prayer actually.hoping that god will help me to be ready when the time arrive.and to everyone out there.i sincerely think im not ready for a big event like that. I don’t take myself as a mature girl yet.im trying,but I haven’t become one.hm..already feel sleepy.will lost consciousness in 5 minutes.haha.ok then good nite. I LOVE U mama and abah.both of u r the queen and king of my heart rite now. I always pray to god so that I’ll be able to be a good ‘soldier’ to u both.miss u both so much!!! Muahkssss…

06 November 2006

sakit la!!

org kna mnatang charlie.sialan.
hbs sakit cam kna bakaq.sdey la.hbs parut tau x!!huhu..
anyone yg xpenah kna gigit gn chali wont know how i feel!!


ma nak balik!! rindu nya kat mama.smlm bestday mama.tp kakak ada kat sni.abah lak ada kursus dkt melaka.sian ma sambut bday gn kt n dik mi ja.

tension la.to day i kna present case kat doctor.tp sbb history i xlengkap.then patient i plak dah discharge i have to do all over again.ltih la.i wonder y i've to learn medical.
i apply amik dentistry.but due to some reasons which i still dont know y.i have to suffer for anothe2 years.
borink la medical.dentistry is so interesting compare gn medic.tp nak wat camna kan.eventhough i xnpk kaitan kaki n gigi i still kna pass medic to be a dentist.
hm..ya ALLAH bantulah hamba mu ini dlm menempuhi sgala dugaan.kalau ikot hati mau ja nak ngamok2 sbb tensen.tp cam gila lak.pikir2 blk i patut redha ja.n plg penting berusahan never give up!!insyaAllah Allah bantu.doakan kita yer..