29 September 2006


HAPPY RAMADHAN!! selamat berpuase evryone.i am very excited everytime ramadhan arrive.
1st-because everyone will be fasting,
2nd-the bazar ramdhan,
3rd-jamuan berbuka puasa,
last but not least-HARI RAYA
i think everyone is excited about the same things.anyway.the most important thing about tihs month is it is a BLESS month.Hope everyone will grab this opportunity to gain more pahala and loose out DOSA!! =)

13 September 2006


thats the only word i can think of rite now!!!!!!!!!!! huhuhu..we are given one week of 'self-study' aka holiday. i wanna go home.BUT HTD punya pasai i have to stay..arghh!! one week cuti.susah nak jumpak dah kat dlm hidop nie..lotsa my friends balik.and ME the one yg suka blk.is STUCK in my room doin nothin'.

--things i do to 'unbored' myself-->>

actually,i haven't finish reading almost ALL of my nOtes.hehe..but still i tell everyone i'm bored + have nothing to do.hehe...MALAS la...<>

i plan to go home during ramadhan
.i know it will be tiring.but i dont care.hehe..i still wanna go home,discard all the tiredness and all the money waste.

last nite i went shopping wif my best buds nOd,sYa n Tim.i bought things yg bley hlgkan kebosanan cd>magazine>novel aka benda2 lagha.. but still feel bored.huhu..

can someone HELP me!!hehe..

12 September 2006


LAST Saturday, 09-09-06, all 2nd year students were asked to masuk kampong in jajahan pasir mas. This programme was organized by the school to make us more familiar with kampong air. Tis is to make sure tat we are ready if we are post to work in rural area. Besides that, we r supposed to do some research on the health status of the villagers.

Each goup was given one kampong or one mukim to do the research. As for my group, PBL 12, we were given a really big area ie mukim KUbang Gatal. In the kampong, we stay in the family angkat’s house,2-3 peep were ‘given’ to one family angkat. Me n shu xuan were ‘given’ to Cikgu Zakaria’s family whom I call ayah su, and his wife mak su dah. I was the only one who stay there cos shu xuan had to go to KL for physio quiz. Ayah su’s family is a small family abang ngah the eldest was only 12,abg chik 10,ammar 8 and lil ain 4,she's shoo cute. then there were kak ada and mok ngah who stay nearby but always visit the house.

The house was very big.eventhough at 1st I was quite scared that I will stay in house tat has toilet 100m from the house.huhu..i was given a very comfie room.

On the 1st day, we have problem-->TOO MANY HOUSE,around 700, to cover. But we managed to consult wif prof halim to reduce the boundaries of the mukim to a smaller one. So that it will be easier for us to do the research.

In the evening,9/9, we start our work by tagging the house wif number and draw the map of the mukim. Me, nas n basyir use car to move from house to house while jack,khai, yati n qma ride motorbike. we found out that it was very difficult for us to drive car, cos we need to stop in one area of houses,do tagging then return to our car. The area was already getting dark at 7. therefore we decide to stop our work and continue later as the penghulu had already warned us on the danger working in the kampong when it’s dark.So tat nite we decide to stay in our family angkat’s ouse.

On the next day..the penggawa let us use his motorbike,hm…I wanna ride the bie eventhough it has been a while since I ride one.but on that day..i force myself to ride one..haha…I don’t know tat I still have the talent.haha…me and nas both don’t know how to ride a bike,finally riding it..hehe… we really enjoy our time eventhough the weather was very damn HOT. Our skin rasa cam tgh bbq.hehe..

After finishing the tagging and mapping , we were shocked by the news tat the ministry had ordered us to go home.hm...sadly, we obeyed the order.

When we got home we were even shocked knowing tat the programme will be cancel due to some political issue..WUAAAAAAH….after all the hard work,finally boom..everything is cancel..imagine how we all feel rite now…

Anyway we have fun..and I learned how to ride a motorbike..huhu..