13 September 2006


thats the only word i can think of rite now!!!!!!!!!!! huhuhu..we are given one week of 'self-study' aka holiday. i wanna go home.BUT HTD punya pasai i have to stay..arghh!! one week cuti.susah nak jumpak dah kat dlm hidop nie..lotsa my friends balik.and ME the one yg suka blk.is STUCK in my room doin nothin'.

--things i do to 'unbored' myself-->>

actually,i haven't finish reading almost ALL of my nOtes.hehe..but still i tell everyone i'm bored + have nothing to do.hehe...MALAS la...<>

i plan to go home during ramadhan
.i know it will be tiring.but i dont care.hehe..i still wanna go home,discard all the tiredness and all the money waste.

last nite i went shopping wif my best buds nOd,sYa n Tim.i bought things yg bley hlgkan kebosanan cd>magazine>novel aka benda2 lagha.. but still feel bored.huhu..

can someone HELP me!!hehe..

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Jo Lynn said...

Hey hey hey just wanna say HI!