28 December 2010

10 December 2010


I'm back! hehehe.. but am not sure for how long. i'd been hiding in my crib this 3 months without any connection to the net. So this is just a quick update from me:

  1. I had started working in KP Guar since mid of August. My first time working. I stayed there for 2 weeks before being send to HSAH for attachment with the OMF team. KPGC was find although it took me 30 minutes drive via highway to arrive there. working there made me realize that teeth extraction skills are very importante!!!! why didn't i learned properly in school last time. regret!! regret!!
  2. Working in OMF, HSAH was awesome. I had a lots of friends there. i had my dear senior Dr Amy, Laili and Ita. All my colleagues were awesome plus friendly plus helpful. I really appreciate them. The staffs there was super duper helpful, they guide me when i'm out of thought. Even the specialist there were super cool. They taught me many things that I can only imagine during my study years.
  3. I met many of my medical colleagues from USM in HSAH
  4. During Ramadhan myconvent batchmate held a small iftar-gathering at Swiss Inn. Not many appeared on that day. But enough to remind us on the memory that we had during school time. Fatni was vey beautiful, haven't met her since graduating from KMK. Lydiawani was super skinny, she's the Jusmate5 model now. Nab was forever and ever cute. Kelly was much thinner now. Fatimah was gorgeous. Seri never get bigger. Ipah was still the same person that i remember. Wanisha was lovely and cute. Farhah is gtting cuter and cuter. Farhana looks different, but still the same Farhana that i know. Nina is getting taller. Yati looks matture on that day. I miss u girls so much. Hope we can organized more meet up later.
  5. Eid Fitri was fun. Though i haven't receive my paycheck yet at that time. Luckily dearest Encik was my accauntant. So he was the one who bought my Baju raya.
  6. My payday was celebrated with 'makan-makan' in Tok's house and Le Boss. Yeay!
  7. Eid Adha was fun too. We held a qurban in the TBR hall in the morning and had BBQ of the meat in the evening.
  8. Went to JB with KT for Noddy's engagement on 20/11/10.  Congratulations dear! Soon u'll be leaving the single lady's club which Sya's still joining now. hahaha. Sya!!! cpt la cari husband!
  9. Finally me, Sya and Noddy were reunited again. I miss u girls so much. Although we didn't have much time (as we are stuck with our hectic working schedule. Hmmm. not my working schedule but u girls' working schedule. hehe) but i really appreciate our meet up. Hope we can do it again. May be before Noddy's wedding?!
  10. After 3 months in HSAH, i received a call that ask me to come back to KPGC.
  11. I missed my schoolmate's aka Syamimi Suib's wedding last Saturday as i was in Shah Alam following dearest Encik for meeting. Sorry Mimi!! Congratulations dear.
  12. Sue's getting married today. The solemnization will be held in KB. Sorry I can't make it dear. Will try to make it on your wedding day
  13. I had lots of wedding to attend this school holiday. Love it!
  14. No new people will be joining my small family in the mean time, which means that i'm not yet pregnant. Which makes me worry, eventhough check up showed that both of were fine. 'Takdak rezeki. lagi' I just hope that people will stop asking me about the good news cause myself will be informing everyone if there was one. =(
That's all from me. I dont know when my next updates gonna be.Muahhx!