30 April 2008

a boring routine..am i the only one who feel the tension.

a boring routine. i should say that. everyone would agree with me.
since the study weeks start me and my study mate-nodi &sya- have been doing the same thing everyday.

start dreaming. can u actually believe that i sleep at 6am sometime 7am.
after waking up my sayang i will start my beauty sleep.
but now i dont really enjoy the sleep anymore.
sometime i cant hardly sleep.
when i started to close my eyes, every thing that i study come popping up into my mind.
it's so stressing.

11am. hm..sometime 12pm
i wake up. with a hungry tummy crying to be fill with food.
as usual. i'll take a bath and go to the cafe only to see the same food over and over again.
normally i eat a lot. but recently i try to reduce the propotion of food that i take.
scared that i cant really fit into the engagement dress.
then i start to study again~sigh!~

i have discussion with my study mate.
we do it outside, under the trees, near the fields.
but now the weather is so damn hot that i noticed im a bit tanned then before.
we discuss until we feel like vomiting.

time for me to rest.
sometime i have a brisk walk. alone. with mp3 stuck into my ears.
im trying to ease my mind from stress.
i have my dinner. from the same cafe. sometime i ask my sis to buy it from outside.
but this is kelantan we are talking about. n shhh!! i cant elaborate further.
it might be sensitive to some person.
sometime i cook. instant noodle with extra spice and all. what to do. that is the only thing i can cook using the rice cooker my mama gave.
nap nap nap. sometime. very sekejap.

watch tv some time.
online to write on my dearie bloggie sometime.
surfing sometime.
nap nap nap sometime.

start the study group again.
more discussion,
we drink coffee to stay awake.


and the cycle start over again and again.
at least until nex week. 11 may~the day of my exam.
can u see how boring my life is now.
but what to do. i have to.
if this is what i have to do to make me able to proceed my study in 4th year.

29 April 2008

counting days~caution! anda mungkin akan rasa loya dgn kejiwangan saya

i guess a lot of people might feel sick reading my blog as i always write about LOVE.
ya la. the day is getting so near and i cant really hide the feeling that i am so happy and cant wait to face the day.
i know that it is just an engagement. not even a wedding yet.
but u know. im a girl.
a big one.
and i cant really stop from dreaming of marrying 'the one'.
mama said that u only get marry once in yourlife. insyaAllah ma.
i definitely pray that this relationship will last forever.
and i will o my best to mantain it.
this is a serious matter.
and im not fooling around.

24 April 2008

the meaning of love


that day u asked me, "what do u mean by LOVE?"
my answer was, "it is the feeling of caring and respect"
u were not satisfied with that answer.
and when i asked u back. u said "love is to be able to care about somebody without having any real reason"

today i am still standing with the same opinion.
that love is when u learn to respect that person.
but today i would like to add more
i would like to say that love is about respect, and it is about how u accept that person for whom they are, they were and what they will be.
love is pure.
it don't need a reason.
u care about that person and wanting to accept him.
and at the same time u hope that, that person will also accept u for who u are.
love is when u smile and cry together.
u share everything together. without the feeling of boringness.
u enjoy with it.
it is infinity. everyone have their own opinion.
it's ok.
im happy with what i'm feeling right now.
it makes me shine and bloom.
i pray that this feeling will last forever.
people change. but love. it hold us together.
even when everything is changing.

22 April 2008

thanx dear~

tima kaseh encik fairuz.even it is made from tissue.i still love it.i appreciate evrything that u do

shopping is the best therapy- a real shopaholic!!

shopping is the best therapy. i dont really know wether shopping can really be the best therapy. after all, when u shop u'll be spending a lot of money. then u'll be more stress. but last week i did went for a shopping therapy. i didnt buy anything expensive. i only bought a cushion for rm10. but it really made me feel better. the stress is gone. even it is only for that moment of time. but it did goes away.

the conclusion=shopping really sooth me.hehehe..!!

so next time, i'll do it more.

saya naik bus ni pi kb mall.hehe..agaklah 'chantek'. i think they need to upgrade this facilities.it's very2 cheap. but hopefully next time it can be more conducive

teman shopping saya, inside the bus. muka penuh habok and asap

noddy-my shopping partner.hehehe

16 April 2008

now it's time to talk about PROFESSIONAL exam

i just finish my test just now. so should i say i feel damn relieve because it's over. tp kan the countdown to my PRO exam is getting lesser and lesser. lagi 24 hari ja. so i guess it's not the right time for me to feel relieve la. i hate exam. i hate presenting the case in front of doctors. i like suprises. but not this kind of suprise.

if they tell that is the case then i can prepare. then i'll feel better. what if i were to get the case that is not clear. that i cant diagnosed. that i cant perform the physical examination correctly. i dont like that feeling. i dont wanna have to repeat. it's a painful experience. u'l change once u have to go through that moment. i can see it from the corner of my friends who had gone through it. u wont see it clearly. but somehow u know they change. may be they feel like they dont belong with us who havent gone through it. may be they are just adapting.

but somehow u'll get more mature when u had it. u learn to handle stress. u are much much more ready and experienced when u were to face problems. but for us who hadn't be in your shoes. we think u'd change. eventhough we say hai to each other when we meet. the hai now is different. not like it used to be.

im scared,its scary

i dont like the sense of losing control. i like to be in control. it's just the way i am since before. is it the first child's sydrome?! anyone?!!
i dont like a major changes to happend in my life. i like a normal life. not to plain not to colourful. its just NORMAL.
but what if its fated. what if it is my destiny. will i be able to change it. can i alter my life that had been plan by ALLAH.

whatever it is. im supposed to try my best first right?! im not gonna try. but i will do my best. i'l boost all my energy for this exam. i hope i can make it. but i know one thing for sure. that ALLAH will always Helps those who help themselves.
so i dont wanna missed that chance. i will try to grab it. with best weapon that i have.

by studying smart,hard, and always pray to ALLAH. tawakal.

-friends forever-

15 April 2008

exam lagi!

saya penat
pnt sgt
bila exam nak habis ni
dah tak larat
pas habis exam ni
i still got another exam to go through
i hope everything's gonna be fine
this exam will be determine wether i can actually proceed to the next level
i'm scared to enter 4th year, to get to handle a real patient
am i capable of doing it
but i'm sick of learning medical stuff
i wanna focus to things that i'd actually chose
i'd spend 3 years learning medical stuff
it is time for me to learn to be a real dentist
but first
i have to go through 'this' first
i hope everyone will pray for me
for us

kepenatan study week, lalu tumbuh jerawat yang besar,lalu bosan n bercakap telefon

nodi yang bijak lagi kuat study

bakal professor dean dr sya

12 April 2008

all the best everyone

exam! exam! all the best everyone. i hope we all will strive and achieve what ever we had and always dream of.

i'l pray for u
SINCERELy. i will.

09 April 2008

exam mood-ting tong-chenta chenta

exam mood?!! izzit?!! am i in the exam mood. its almost 5am in the morning and im stuck on in front of the pc typing, surfing, and most of the time wandering into other people's blogs. without actualy have the exact things to do. i should study now. not wasting my time writing on a blog that people dont actually even give a peek
have u ever feel distress until u r not stress anymore. i think the stress is so much that i am already disensitized to it.
being a dental student who actually have to compulsarily learn medical kinda distress me a lot. anyway i'd gone almost 3 years of learning em.knda have enough stress that i cant feel any stress any more. that is so so bad. i need the stress now to urge me on studying more more hard than before. this exam will actually determine wether i can further my study to nex sem or not. i should study. mesti study.berusaha! berusaha!
i cant wait until this june. where i had pass my exam n just getting ready for the big day.hm.cant wait.eventhough the big day stil dint allow me to do the thing that i cant do now.im still lookng forward it..wish me luck ok!!!its a big phase in my life. its a promise that must be fulfill due to respect and love.
i think i should stop being on the air right now.its not the time yet. i need to focus..

but still i cant stop thinking of the day.hehe..sayang... i cant wait..everyone! please pray for me.

03 April 2008

i'm proud

dr rozieta read my blog. i should be proud. n i should right more. may be i can be a great writer some day. thanx doc!! i'm gonna be a dentist who writes. interesting huh!

him n me

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