30 April 2008

a boring routine..am i the only one who feel the tension.

a boring routine. i should say that. everyone would agree with me.
since the study weeks start me and my study mate-nodi &sya- have been doing the same thing everyday.

start dreaming. can u actually believe that i sleep at 6am sometime 7am.
after waking up my sayang i will start my beauty sleep.
but now i dont really enjoy the sleep anymore.
sometime i cant hardly sleep.
when i started to close my eyes, every thing that i study come popping up into my mind.
it's so stressing.

11am. hm..sometime 12pm
i wake up. with a hungry tummy crying to be fill with food.
as usual. i'll take a bath and go to the cafe only to see the same food over and over again.
normally i eat a lot. but recently i try to reduce the propotion of food that i take.
scared that i cant really fit into the engagement dress.
then i start to study again~sigh!~

i have discussion with my study mate.
we do it outside, under the trees, near the fields.
but now the weather is so damn hot that i noticed im a bit tanned then before.
we discuss until we feel like vomiting.

time for me to rest.
sometime i have a brisk walk. alone. with mp3 stuck into my ears.
im trying to ease my mind from stress.
i have my dinner. from the same cafe. sometime i ask my sis to buy it from outside.
but this is kelantan we are talking about. n shhh!! i cant elaborate further.
it might be sensitive to some person.
sometime i cook. instant noodle with extra spice and all. what to do. that is the only thing i can cook using the rice cooker my mama gave.
nap nap nap. sometime. very sekejap.

watch tv some time.
online to write on my dearie bloggie sometime.
surfing sometime.
nap nap nap sometime.

start the study group again.
more discussion,
we drink coffee to stay awake.


and the cycle start over again and again.
at least until nex week. 11 may~the day of my exam.
can u see how boring my life is now.
but what to do. i have to.
if this is what i have to do to make me able to proceed my study in 4th year.


isya yg comel said...
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prof dean dr sya said...

relax dear. u r not the only one that feel the tension. but what can we do. just study and study and study and pass pro 2. we have no choice. hehe dont worry, after exam we go to kb mall. shopaholic in action!!!
em i think we should change our study port ptg2 tuh. worry jugak takut2 ko nmpk glp dlm gambar tunang nanti. jenuh nk mengedit tuh.haha

fAtHiAh zuLkaFLi said...

alooo dear.baju tunang krg kaler apakah?really wish to be there tp jarak memisahkan kita.ecehhh.ayat jiwang utk org yg tgh sronok berjiwang.hehehhe.weiii.u've been tagged ok.kalo rajin buat la tag thingy itu.ada dlm blog aku.heheh