22 April 2008

shopping is the best therapy- a real shopaholic!!

shopping is the best therapy. i dont really know wether shopping can really be the best therapy. after all, when u shop u'll be spending a lot of money. then u'll be more stress. but last week i did went for a shopping therapy. i didnt buy anything expensive. i only bought a cushion for rm10. but it really made me feel better. the stress is gone. even it is only for that moment of time. but it did goes away.

the conclusion=shopping really sooth me.hehehe..!!

so next time, i'll do it more.

saya naik bus ni pi kb mall.hehe..agaklah 'chantek'. i think they need to upgrade this facilities.it's very2 cheap. but hopefully next time it can be more conducive

teman shopping saya, inside the bus. muka penuh habok and asap

noddy-my shopping partner.hehehe

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