30 July 2009


i don't like anaest posting. i just don't like it. 
i don't like spending time in operation theatre.
i hate the "friendly" nurses there.
but at least i got to know what propofol did to MJ.
now i wonder what the heck did his doctor think when he gave him propofol.

29 July 2009


morning text :
'syg, wtpa?'. 'busy la'.

afternoon text :
'syg wtpa?'. 'meetin'.

evening text :
'syg wtpa?'. 'bru hbs meetn. lunch gn consultn'.

night text :
'syg wtpa?'. 'bru blk.gntok'. ZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzz..................
and here comes Miss Understanding (monolog)

27 July 2009


today is my dearest Aunty Cik's birthday. yg ke berapa adalah dirahsiakan. hehe. so this is a special post for one my favourite aunty in the world.

the make up artist during my wedding and my engagement day! wah! first time aunty cik looked so serious wo! ahah

a special post from aunty cik

aunty cik and adik arash bucuk!

p/s: i love u!!

26 July 2009


anaes posting sudah start. that means we wont be having our clinic sessions. 

"oh patient ku! maaf deh, sbb saya tok leh wak lagi gigi tu deh. 2 minggu lg kita panggey deh"

18 July 2009


happy birthday aunty teh!!! 

 next year tambah cousin baru k?! hehe

H1N1 ke HiNi?!

Encik sunggoh tegar utk tidak membukak face mask ni masa dkt Singapore. eventhough the weather were so damn hot.

saya pulak, "malas la nak pakai! kalau nak kena, tak payah mai Singapore pon boleh kena ma!" sunggoh ketegaq.

dedicated to elsa soraya. i think u need to buy this if u're afraid that u'll get infected.


finally, we had our honeymoon in Singapore!

the Singapore Flyers i love this picture.

we were too tired to walk to the Merlion. aci la dari jauh pon.

my grandparents. this is taken in their home in Pasir Ris.

i'm amazed with this building which look flat like a piece of paper.

this is a video of the sea angel taken at their Underwater World. i love seeing them. they look like flying angels.

12 July 2009


i'd watched this movie with Encik during my holiday. i love this movie. i think Malaysia will need another 20 years before we can produce a great movie like that. even though the movie is full with things that are not logic. it is a great movie to be watch.

this is to proof that this is a great movie: i watch this movie in CS, a shopping complex near my house. we have to queue up for 1 hour, before we manage to get 2 tickets for a show that will start in 4 hours. a rare scene to happend in SP.

i love shea. still remember watching him in Even Stevens in Disney channel during my secondary. hehe.

10 July 2009


saya rasa itu tanggung jawab. bukan lakonan semata-mata

responding to a friend of mine who said "sampai bila nak berlakon?!" when i told her bout the things that i did in my in laws' house during my 2 weeks holiday. and it's not wrong ok!

09 July 2009


2 weeks of holiday are considered long to us studying in Gigi School here. and i can say that this is the longest holiday i ever spend with my Encik. kesian kan!

on the first weekend both of us plus adik-adik ku went to Sunway Carnival to watch Drag Me to Hell. actually tak plan pon nak tengok cerita apa. but the movie was damn scary. all of us kept on screaming. and the funniest was Kak Teh, jerit sampai hotdog yg dia tgh makan tu melambung naik atas kepala. can u imagine how scary the story is. haha. confirm Kak Teh marah lepas baca ni! ahaks!

tak muat la

me and Encik. sgt jarang orang amik gambaq kami. slalu nya self captured ja

then after the movie we had dinner with Mama at Radix Cuisine in SP. this is the celebration of yours truly that just turn 23on 17th June and succesfully pass her 4th year exam . i'm claiming that i feels more matture now. haha. the food there was kinda ok. kalau dkt Kelantan ni sama macam dkt New Horizon dan kawasan yg sewaktu dgn nya.

Kak Teh and foods, bagai aur dgn tebing. hehe.

Angah, Mama and Dikmi. sejak bila depa ni jadi sepet ni

my first time celebrating my birthday as a wife

on the second weeken me, Encik and my dearest Gramma went to Singapore. i will tell the story in the next entry ok!

07 July 2009


kat department aku tgh posting skarang , tak praktikkan the standard infections control that we'd been thaught. they never wear gloves. mask jauh skali la. aku bukan la nak prejudis dkt patient. tp aren't we supposed to apply that to all patient.

pegang suction utk sedut earwax, then pegang muka sendirik. nanti p makan kat cafe pulak. maybe diorang sentiasa ingat utk basuh tangan lepas treat patient kot. hm.. peliknya. dkt klinik aku selalu kena marah sebab tak ikut standard yg ditetapkan. tp kat sini semua org relax ja. pegang lidah dengan gauze, barehand, without any gloves?! ada korang sanggup buat?

06 July 2009


Sayang's Mak Ngah passed away last night due to lung cancer. it was so sad. i went to visit her in hospital SP last friday, 2 days before 'the day'. she looks very very ill. lethargy. all of her fingers were blue. and she barely eats any food. what made me so touched was she still wanted to chat with us eventhough she is sick. she's still keep her friendliness in that condition. we'll miss you.



wuaah! kelas dah start. i'm in final year now. macam tak percaya ja that i'm gonna finished my degree in 10 months time. insyaAllah!

right now, i'm posted in the ORL dept. next week dah ada exam! huahua. rasa macam tak besedia nak study ja. cayok!