19 January 2009


4 days til my wedding!
so to everyone. i would like to repeat the information bout my wedding. because some of my friends had never been to any Malay's wedding.
so i'll be going back home on thursday nite. after finishing my radiology exam.
on friday nite there will be tahlil for family member's who had passed away. and also meeting on the wedding event
the akad or solemnization will be on saturday, 24th January 09 at Masjid Muzaffar, Sg Petani around 10 am. insyaAllah.
the wedding ceremony start at 12pm til 6pm. u can come at any time between this hour. if ur late, u can still come. maybe u can help to clean the house and the dishes. my family member will be wearing green on that day. im not sure what is the theme of my Sayang's side. my Sayang will arrived around 12 for the makan beradat ceremony. there will be pelamin, but my Sayang didn't agree on 'bersanding'. perhaps with can take pictures there.
the ceremony on my Sayang's house will be held on 26th January 09. some of the family member will be wearing pink. but not all la. this is my sis idea. so suka hati dia ja! hehe
all of these are only plan. but i hope everything will be running smoothly!! insyaAllah

14 January 2009


entry ini akan sepenuhnya dalam bahasa melayu!
hari ni 14 hb. seperti yg diwar-warkan, patutnya hari ni duit biasiswa aku akan masuk. tp seperti yg dijangka. ianya tak masuk2 lagi. udah lah diri ini sudah kekeringan. mahu beli barangan hantaran pon belum mampu. alasan duit belom masuk ialah masalah teknikal. ayat biasa di dengar.
aku paling bengang bila orang mandi lama gila waktu2 kemuncak macam sebelum p kelas or dekat nak masuk waktu maghrib. kalau nak mandi lama2 dekat hostel, tunggula malam sikit. jgn buat macam ko sorang ja ada kelas, aku tak payah pi kelas.
lagi satu masalah manusia dkt block aku ni yang suka sangta sidai baju dkt dlm toilet. apa mereka ingat toilet itu mereka punya? aku tak payah mandi? dah la bilik mandi ada 3, ko p sangkut baju kat pintu. tinggal 2 ja. ko tak penah pikir ke?
hari ni patient ku sayang tak datang. sebab hujan. susah nak datang sebab dia kena naik motor. sedih. menganggur lagi hari ni.
perut ku masih tak kempis sepenuhnya!!!!! argh!!

13 January 2009


have u ever noticed that u had bad breath or halithosis? this problem is very severe but only some people notice and care. i had encounter patients with realy really bad breath. it was so severe until i had to wear double layer of mask. or else i can't continue my work. i was breathless. seriously!
for me. i am very particular about my breath. yeah. i admit sometime it stink. but i try my best to  avoid it from happening. the think u can do to avoid bad breath are
  1. brushing your teeth. brush your tongue too. that is the place where bacteria always stay and make your mouth stink like longkang
  2. u can use mouth rinse
  3. eat sugarfree chewing gum
  4. avoid stinky food like garlic and petai
  5. have u ever try eating ulam like ulam raja and pucuk daun limau? try it. it makes your breath smells better.
if u had try all this but still your mouth is stinky. please visit the dentist. u may need scaling. some health condition like xerostomia or reduce in salivary secretion can also cause the same problem
for those who's their job need to be close to some one. like dentist, doctors, medical, dental student, nurse, teacher, PA and many more, u need to check your breath's smell all the time.
the reason i wrote this post is because one of my coleague asked me how do u approach those who had bad breath when they are your friend!!! this is very hard to do. because u  may break some one's heart. but if u didnt tell them u'll suffer smelling their bad breath everyday because they are your close friend. u see them everyday.
what u can do is you have to play with their psychology. u can start with "i think my breath stink! do u think so? how bout your breath? do u ever have problem like this?". u can even asked them to go with u to see the dentist. or u can even give them mouthwash or sugar free chewing gum as present.
there are many ways. u just need to choose the correct one.
to all student's. tengah hari lepas bangun tido tu gosok gigi dulu before g wad!! hehe.
no offenced everyone! this article wasn't dedicated to any body. 
anyway, self awareness is important. so. check your breath k!


12 January 2009


i went to Rumah Puteri Harapan in Pengkalan Chepa last weekend. it was houses for orphanage. i had a lots of fun. we gave education on oral health and disease to them. they were really friendly.
i was in charge to be the facilitator for children between 9 y.o to 14 years old. they were all so manja with me. in the evening,  i was supposed to continue my work in the exhibition section but i continue my work as their facilitator. because they want no one else as fasi.
some of the children call us cikgu. i think they were used to it. it's ok for me.
my group won the most hyperactive group.
i had a lot of fin there. i hope we can go there again.
 these are the members of my group. kumpulan 1. the most hyperactive group
 fafa and naliny giving oral health education
 kak adah pretending to be a lecturer. hehe.
 ain giving instruction on how to clean their teeth perfectly. my group were listening.
 me the faci.
my group playing games
 playing games
 the girls in Kumpulan 1
 the naughty kids in my group

08 January 2009


i always feels tired nowadays.
hidup ku sgt tak productive!
today my patient who was supposed to come did not turn up. i call him many time. just to know that he is still sleeping. i wonder why they requested for treatment but when we wanna treat them (for free) they did not turn up. i gave him another appoinment and asked my supervisor to sign the folder to show that he failed to attend. my supervisor was quite mad. she asked me wether that patient really want treatment or i should just terminate this patient.
i really really wanna terminate this patient from getting treatment. but the termination procedure is menyerabutkan. so many procedures to follow before i can terminate the patient.
luckily i have a patient who's also a student here. he was my first patient. i asked him to come to the clinic for scaling. but he sounded scared. he's a dental student. but doesn't behave like one. when i did scaling on him, he said it was damn painful. i was mad of cause. because if i did not scale completely. i can't proceed to the next procedure. so after scaling i showed the work to my supervisor. she was not satisfied. "ado calculcus setambung, gane nak stark kijo laing nyo" bahasa kelantan mix with terengganu sikit. so my supervisor asked me to give local anesthesia, so that patient will felt no pain and i can continue my work. 
of cos la patient i tak mau. so i asked him to bare with the pain if he did not want to be injected. then after sesi paksa memaksa with the patient, i completed my work and show them to the supervisor for approval. she said it's ok, but not to ok. after checking for a few minutes. then only she said that the patient had hypomineralised enamel, that was why he felt pain. because his teeth had thin surfaces.
i felt sorry for the patient because i was mad at him earlier. sorry dear patient. nasib ko student gak.
im going to rumah anak yatim tomorrow. i'll be their facilitator. it's one of the requirement that we need to fulifill before we graduate. we need to give talk on the dental health. i hope i'll enjoy

03 January 2009


it's raining outside. a not so welcoming weather for me to study. i feel like sleeping but im not sleepy. it shows how lazy i am.
anyone looking for a part time worker?? legal job please!! i need some cash. eheh.
i miss home. again!
i think im gonna kill my bored by watching movie. in the laptop la. where got movie theatre in kelantan. 
hmm. my senior just told me that she wanna perform the minor oral surgery on my wisdom tooth on this 13th. that will be one week before my wedding. this wisdom tooth is killing me. it cause me to had pain and headache all the time. i had to take pain killer frequently. which is not good for my tummy. cos i had gastric. but i dont wanna have a swollen face on my wedding. and i had the idea of stitches in my mouth during the wedding ceremony. i think i should postponed it till next month.

02 January 2009


the chance that im going out of my room, except to go to the toilet is 90%. the 10%, is considering if there will be any earthquake and the building burn down. i'd asked my sis to tapau me some food.

im so lazy. i'd been living sedentarily since the last professional exam. i haven't been jogging for 6 months. and i have big tummy. and i kept complaining to everybody. without actually doing anything. i'd tried doing some sit up. but it hurt my back. i think im doing it the wrong way.

i miss my home already. i miss the food in my hometown. cos im sick of eating food at the cafe. i wanna go outside and eat. but looking at how thin my wallet is. i insist on going.

i just finish cleaning up my small room. but it still look the same. lotsa stuff everywhere. i dont think i can throw them all away.

i wanna go home next 2 week, one week before my wedding. but i had the news that there will be an MCQ exam for my surgery posting on the 20th. that mean i'd to study and i can go home.

i had so much thing in my mind right now. but i haven't take any action to sort them all out.

i need my scholar right now. i need money right now. bcos i need to go out to ease my mind.

01 January 2009


after 2 months i entered clinical year.

  1. i only manage to extract 10 teeth. actually 8 cos 2 were done by the surgeon.
  2. do 3 block using LA
  3. do only 7 filling. (1 class I, 2 class II, 1 class 111, 3 class V)
  4. take a lot of impression. most of them were rejected by the doctors
  5. take berpuloh-puloh x-ray yg tak jadi. only 5 x-ray were accepted by the lecturers
  6. do scaling to most of my patient
  7. examine 2 pediatric patient. (i'm supposed to examine 8 patient)
  8. do 2 examination on patient with gingivitis.
  9. do fissure sealant to 2 patient.
  10. assist 1 minor oral surgery

it looks like i'm way behind. compare to all of my friends. especially my partner who's very skillfull. she did her job well and fast. i wish i could be better than her.

i must admit that i'm lembap. huhu!!!