30 October 2009


happy birthday dear Angah. angah turn 22 yesterday. we celebrated it 3 days earlier in Secret Recipe, Tesco KB cause at that time Kak Teh was still here in Kelantan. we have fun together. it's been awhile since three of us got to spend time together since i'm married and Kak Teh is busy with her matriculation life.  we ate, chat, gigle and gossips about everything under the sun. oh, i had so much fun. i feel so destress. i love it when we are together.

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angah is a pretender!!!!!

dear Angah,
i know that we are from 2 differerent worlds. what i like will never love by u. that's weird when we are sisters right?! but i found it very unique for us.

u love studying so much but i hate it badly
i never love going to wards and still wonder why u can stay there for more than 5 hours.
i never love Korean and Japan movie so much like u do
we always disagree on everything
u hate it when i comment your style of driving which i love doing on everybody 
i think the type of guy that we like are completely different right?

but i love your company. i think your are one of the reason why i can stay in boring place for almost 5 years.  i hope u succeed in everything that u do. i love u so much. and i also pray that u'll meet the one!! hehe..

a conversation between a sister and her 6-years-old cousin

sister: kakak nak check gigi adik la hari ni! boleh tak??
6-years-old cousin: boleh-boleh. nah tengok gigi adik
sister: eh. adik. ada apa dekat gigi ni. hitam-hitam
6-years-old cousin: ada apa kakak?! ada 'cavity' ke??
sister: hahahahhahahaha

if u ask her what's the meaning of cavity. i don't think she can answer it. she barely speaks in English. it shows how big TV's influence to lil kid! and i found it very cute.

cute kan?!

29 October 2009

7th SSC

finally it's over. i ended my elective project with a not-so-impressive presentation. but at least it's over. i can finally breath now.

me and  my slides

Kak Teh and Angah was there to support me. thanx dear sisters!!

of cause i didn't win. but congratulations to all the winner. i pray that u all will win in the national level. 

28 October 2009

i found a blog that belong to my ERT teacher in secondary. she's also my friend's mom. cikgu dah pandai blogging ye skarang!!

27 October 2009


"Dentistry is an Art" Dr ZM.

i was scold by my supervisor that day cause my restoration was not so aesthetic. it makes the patient smiles weird and it didn't look like his natural teeth at all. i was trying to build a fracture crown to the patient and it takes me almost one hour to trim the crown so that it looks like his adjacent teeth. i can't finish my work as it was already 1230pm.

she said it with this looks that makes me think whether i'd made the right choice in learning dentistry. i never loves art. i learned it until i'm in my form 3 and i hate it and i'm not artistic either. i've a pair of hands that is worse than a wood.

i regret that i never love art. cause i now she's right. it will be easier for me to learn dentistry if i'm more creative. cause i'd seen my friends who can finish doing a cavity in less than 2 hour while for me it may takes more.

i'm not good in bending wires.
i make bad impression for patient's models.
i make hideous restoration.
i'm not gentle enough during extration.
my suturing sucks.
i can't recall anything in dentistry that i'm good at.

can i just become a housewife and stay at home?!

but it's already too late. i already dive in too deep, walk out so far, fly up damn high. it's not the time for me to look back. i need to move forward. oh Allah please gives me strength cause i know everything happens for a reason and only U who knows it.

but one advice i can give to anyone who's planning to do dentistry. u need to know how to manage your stress level. and it's an advantage if u have miracle hands.

23 October 2009


my bestfriend since secondary, Nur Safawati bt Mohd Nor or better known to us as Watai, take a step into a new life last Sunday, 181009. she's now a wife to Mohd Muslim b Abu Bakar. i was only informed about the event one day before it happended. it was a last minute decision because Watai and her husband are posted to Sabah and need to report their duty there end of this month. so she only invited those close to her. i can make it to the wedding since im at home spending the Deepavali holidays.

it was a simple wedding. the akad nikah was done in Masjid Taman Ria Jaya, and a 'majlis kesyukuran' was held at her house. the real wedding will only take place next year. so to those who were not invited, please understand her situation. insyaAllah, she will invite everyone to her wedding (that will be held next year perhaps???!)

husband and wife

nab, watai and me. kelly cant make it to the wedding as she was in Shah Alam receiving her scroll. congratz to u too dear.

may Allah bless both of you with happiness til the end and lotsa children too k! now i'm waiting for nab and kelly's turn pulak.


now, we are already in the Zulkaedah. insyaAllah. this will be the last year i'll be celebrating hari raya in Kelanatan. hopefully!!!!! there were so many open house's that i'd attended all this month. i love the foods. and i love the celebration. thanx everyone who had invited me to their house.

raya at Sue's house in Tanjung Chat.

Open House at Encik Yahya's house in PCB

at Ruzi's house in Pasir Mas

Cik Nobi's open house in Pasir Mas

PPSG's raya celebration 2009. i love it.

07 October 2009


Noddy turned 23 today. we celebrated it at Noodle's Station. sama macam last year. hehe.

mesra ?!  jangan jeles ye Najmudin

oh Noddy, kenapa la birthday ko selalu time tak best. time busy. time exam.actually my plan was not to wish u anything on the day. tp sya takut hg marah.

dearest Noddy,
i'm wishing u all the best in life and akhirat.

03 October 2009


just now i met ain. she's married now. her wedding was one week ago but i failed to attend the ceremony cause my Sayang was sick. sorry ain! anyway, congratulation ain. may u have a blissful marriage till the end.

seri pengantin baru ain and seri pengantin lama me.


i ate a lot at sue's house today. thanx sue and aunty for the delicacies. i love the  curry mee so much. aunty, please teach me how to cook curry mee

the guest and the host

02 October 2009


they makes me smile and laugh
they made my day
rindu ayu and arash
by the way, arash was trying to take picture using my mom's hp that didn't have a camera. so cute.

01 October 2009


is it too late to wish Selamat Hari Raya?
Selamat Hari Raya. Maaf Zahir & Batin

 theme baju raya tahun ni=caca marba