13 March 2007

xpdc gunung tebu

last weekend, i had a great chance to go camping andhiking with the seniors and some of my friends. the camping was held at Lata Belantan camping site. we went there by bus and arrive just about magrib. we were so scared there'll be a lot of mosquetoes that we bought mosq patches from guardian. believe it, it did worked. thanx to the thing that managed to protect us from all the hunry insects.
anyway, back to the story. after preparing and building up the tent. we sit around the fire and begin to introduce ourself, telling and sharing our goals on joining the camping. after that we were introduce by bro muz to the hiking bag, which was amazingly HUGE and expensive (i can by a new handphone with that money). he tought us on how to choose the correct hiking bag, how to actually arrange your thing and the right way to carry that big bag behind tour bag without hurting yourself. the correct way of carrying the bag, made someone as small as moon to actually carry a 50kg things. before this i dont know anything about the bag.
we were also introduce to the basic things that u should bring when u want to go hiking. the fact is the longer u wanna stay there the less thing u should bring. interesting huh!! we were also thought on how to set the lamp used incamping. it was a complete different from the usual lamp u use where u just plug it into the point and boom the light is on. then we shared the stories and all the adventurous experiences from the seniors, ghani, bob and abg z. i was so interested in all their stories because i never thought that medical students actually have the time to do all this and have fun. i only know that medical students are completely associated with books and only books.
finally we were divided into groups. these groups were for the food preparation. i end up in the same group with ad, acap, rupesh and wan. COOK??!! ME?!! haha... sounds so not right. each group were asked to send one representative as cook aka chef. =P. as for my group ad was given the trust to be the cook. all the cook were thought to cook in small tin known as mass tin (which i dont know how to spell).
at that night we were not allowed to sleep in the tent. instead we were given one piece of plastic ( 2 people share for girls) and were asked to use that thing as our mat. as for the girls they were asked to choose partners for the so called "Solo Camp". and i was so lucky that i dont have any partner. therefore i was given the chance to help ad to cook for the group. (thank God)
at that nite, we the 'CHEF' cooked nasi using tea as a timer (those who had the experience on camping will know what i mean). the first round was pretty bad for everyone, i guess bro muz was given the wrong instruction.hehe. then the next round everyone had become so good that even plain rice tasted so good (BODEK ad) hehe. i was asked to fry some instant cucur. i was so impressed looking at amin( the only guy chef there). he was so into the cooking that he looked so passionate doing it (u r lucky mimi). ain fried some murtabak maggie which was so tasty it made bro muz cry.haha. (no la, i was just joking). i had a lot of fun
finally we were asked to go to sleep, so that we can had enough rest before the long journey tomorrow. as we were the cook. we were given chanced to sleep inside the tent. LUCKILY!! some how the what so call the comfie tent cant actually made me slept. i was so disturbed by the cold weather and the loud voices from bob and daoh( why you guys sembang so loud!! ) before i could really felt asleep i was waoken by ain at 6 to go fried all the nasi. AIYAK!! as a resposible cook, me and sya woke up without much any hestitation(muahaha..tipu!!).we fried nasi goreng, did some scrambled egg, and packed up some mackerel sandwiches for lunch. finally we did it.
by 0900, after eating and peeing(=P) we packed our stuff and ready to go up up away. we did 'some' warming up activities then start hiking mount tebu at 0930. we were so amazed by the undisturbed river. the river was so clean that it look so blue green. so naturally peaceful. i love it and thanx Allah that i was given chance to observe His beautiful creation. the journey took 2 hours for my team la( which consist of sya, ika, ad, nodi and me). i was so tired that i felt like my heart bursting =( how old i felt at that time. we took our own sweet time during the journey

(taking pictures,drink,rest,drink againg,rest again, so tired lor) that the sweapers daoh and bro khairi leaved us with ijam. (apala, they were supposed to make sure we didnt lost)
when we arrived at batu mad saman everybody was already there. waiting us while eating and resting. i was so tired that i idnt even had the energy to eat. after about 1 hour resting up there we went down. this time much faster than during ascending the mount. we only took 45 minutes before we found a waterfall and swam there( i was so refreshing) all the sweats and 'nice ' smell were gone.
around 1500 we were all ready to go home back to our lovely health campus in kubang kerian. leaving besut and gunung tebu with a lots of great memories and experiences. after taking the big group picture we naik bus. i was so tired that i felt asleep along the way back to usm didnt even disturbed by the laughs and jokes made by dearest colleagues.
i was so happy that i had the chance to learned all this from the seniors. love them for being so friendly and supportive.

08 March 2007

always & forever

sometime u got this feeling that people are ignoring u. leaving u behind and not sharing infomation with u. sometime u feel like u dont have any friends. no one there to share all the secrets and gossips with u.
but is that true. are they ignoring u. or perhaps u just want too much attention from them. which for sure they can't be bother to give. especially if u never do the same thing to them.
actually i'm writing this because sometime i do feel that way. i feel ignored by my friends. but should i aspect so much from all friends. especially when we are very busy with our own life.
so, instead of being mad, i think we should be more understanding. it doesn't matter wether u want more attention from your friends, boyfriend, family or anyone. u should understand that your not the only person who need attention. may be there are people that need it more.
that's all i wanted to say actually. being understanding sounds easy, but u will never know how hard it can be unless u are in the person's shoes. hm.. i've make u confused right?! but that's all i can think about right now.
up there i've uploaded a poem which sounds nice to me..