08 March 2007

always & forever

sometime u got this feeling that people are ignoring u. leaving u behind and not sharing infomation with u. sometime u feel like u dont have any friends. no one there to share all the secrets and gossips with u.
but is that true. are they ignoring u. or perhaps u just want too much attention from them. which for sure they can't be bother to give. especially if u never do the same thing to them.
actually i'm writing this because sometime i do feel that way. i feel ignored by my friends. but should i aspect so much from all friends. especially when we are very busy with our own life.
so, instead of being mad, i think we should be more understanding. it doesn't matter wether u want more attention from your friends, boyfriend, family or anyone. u should understand that your not the only person who need attention. may be there are people that need it more.
that's all i wanted to say actually. being understanding sounds easy, but u will never know how hard it can be unless u are in the person's shoes. hm.. i've make u confused right?! but that's all i can think about right now.
up there i've uploaded a poem which sounds nice to me..

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Volvoxx said...

Gawd...this whole post sounds so familiar and true to me...