31 August 2009


suka dengaq org cakap Kedah. walaupon kasaq. 
Selamat Hari Merdeka!

30 August 2009


firstly, i would like to wish "SELAMAT HARI WARGA TUA SYA KENTOT!!! KAMU SUDAH TUA WO!"

Dah hampir 5 tahun saya kenal Sya kentot. dia tetap busuk, suka kentot, sendawa kuat dan suka tido. hehe. of cos i'm lying right. actually, Sya busuk is one of my bestest friend in USM. and she turned 23 today. we celebrated it with a small cake only. (kalau aku kaya sure aku beli indulgence yg besar itu. hukhuk)

Maybe this will be the last year we'll celebrate it in Sya's small room in USM. hopefully next year, Sya will be rich enough to afford a grand birthday party in a 5 star hotel. insyaAllah kan Sya.

Dear SYA,
study hard ok dear. cause i know u can't wait to add the DR in front of your name like i do. so strive for it. 
and i think 23 is still still young to get married. so enjoy your life first. don't feel stress only because others get married. cause the right person for u is out there somewhere, there're just with the wrong person. (please guess the source of this quotes!)
thanx for being there when i needed u. for being my shopping partner, my gossips sources, my driver, my photographer for my wedding, my tukang basuh pinggan, my tukang buat air kopi power masa study time, my movies supplier, my apa lagi ek? ko tambah la ek. May our friendship last forever. 
(to noddy: ko pon sama jgk la ye)
aku byk lagi nak ckp tapi dah lupa la! huhuhu. nanti aku ingat aku update la. hehe

23 August 2009


although i didn't consider myself a doctor, my patient still addressed me as one.

1. I gave a talk after I was conferred an honorary degree by the International Medical University. I directed a major part of my talk to the new graduates.

2. I explained that medicine is not just a profession, a qualification for earning a good income. It is a vocation, a calling which involves dedication to the job of healing the sick and caring for them.

3. What their qualification confers upon them is not just a degree but as doctors they have been elevated to a special status and endowed with special powers. They would have in them the capacity to inspire confidence and trust in their patient. The confidence and trust are such that people would literally entrust their lives to them, allowing them to cut open their bodies and do things which could kill if done by others.

4. The skill and the power they acquire owe much to the society in which they were brought up and their access to education up to the highest level. Not all human society can do this. A poor society, an unstable society, an uncaring society would not be able to give them even primary education, much less training to become a doctor. The cost borne by the society is high.Whether they get a scholarship or their parents pay for their education, they all owe a debt to society. It behoves them to repay to society through the service in which they are trained.

5. They should therefore be ready to offer their services to the society in which they lived. It may be by serving the Government or if this is not attractive enough, at least their country. They can earn a good income in Malaysia's private sector.

6. But some easily forget their debt and are easily enticed by higher pay in other countries. These countries paid nothing for their education and training and yet for a little bit more money they get the services of the people we paid a lot to train whether in Government school and universities or in private ones. Quite often the countries which get the service of our doctors are developed and rich.

7. The nation loses a lot when the people we train opts to work in other countries.

8. But the association of doctors make matters worse by refusing entry to foreign doctors to practice. It wants to keep the opportunities for making money in this country to its members only. It does not mind Malaysian doctors going out but foreign doctors may not come in. Only if they work with the Government can they come in.

9. The flow is one-way. Our doctors can leave the country but foreign doctors cannot replace them. We are losing the brains that we develop without the foreign brain coming in.

10. Despite all the Government's efforts we are losing especially the much-needed specialists.

11. There is something wrong here. If the Malaysian Medical Association (MMA) wishes to close the country to outsiders then it should also object to Malaysian doctors from leaving the country. As it is the MMA seem to be wanting to have their cake and to eating it as well.

12. I am not suggesting that as we have embraced globalisation and the free flow of capital etc that we should now allow foreign doctors to come and open their hospitals here. But I do think that if local hospitals need to employ foreign doctors then they should be allowed to. 

source: Che Det

22 August 2009


Selamat Menyambut Ramadhan.
Semoga puasa kita tahun ni tak 'kurus' disebabkan Facebook, Youtube, dan Blogs.
Semoga bertambah segala amalan and dan kekal bertambah walau Ramadhan dah berakhir.
Semoga dapat menghalang segala nafsu tika di bazaar Ramadhan.
Semoga dapat tunaikan terawikh sepenuh-penuhnya, dgn penuh kusyuk dan tawaduk. 
Semoga menjadi insan yg lebih baik
Semoga segala niat yang baik itu dipermudahkan 

this picture is not related to the title of this entry. i just missed my Dear.

08 August 2009


the wedding at her house in Kemaman, which i had missed 

bini orangs!! yati was so cute on that day.
congratulation to Paly and Yati!! May Allah Bless both of u with happinness and wealth.

07 August 2009


Dear Sir,

do u know that there were studies that says "our brain can only focus for 30 minutes, before it goes *&^%&*#". yeah yeah! i know i can't provide u a journal or any articles to u right now. as a prove but i'll try to find it later and e-mail it to u. but what ever!! the thing is, all those studies, really imply to my brain. it's like i was their subject at that time. what a coincident right?!

so, if u let me sit in your lecture for 1 hour! i can still be concious and act like a normal people do. but when u let me sit in your lecture for 2 bloody hours plus waiting for u like a rotten 'wutever' for 2 hours before the actual lecture start, it really make me feels like @#$%^&*!!

so next time, can u please, please try to be in our shoes and feels how we feels. oh! i forgot, u used to be a student too. but u just bare with it cause u were a student. a student must listen, and listen and listen.

hm. i got it now. next time i will try to listen, listen and listen, and listen, and listen, and listen and listen. and dont understand anything!

thank u sir!

Yours truly,
your student

05 August 2009


in my class there's one 'penjual ikan'. who'll do anything, everything just to be outstanding. oh God. why do i had to encounter such person in my life.