22 November 2009


 i studied in a Convent school for 11 years. my friends came from different ethnic groups Malay, Chinese, Indian, Siamese and etc. i'd been used to mingle with friends that didn't share the same custom with me. but who cares. as long as we can get along, we never actually make race as a barrier between us. we share stories, laughs, foods and drinks without even care.

and today i met a patient who refuse to be treat by me cause I'm a Malay. it did breaks my heart. cause previously i never 'double standard' my patients. i treat them equally. whether there are Malay or Chinese (i haven't had Indian patient here in Kelantan). even i myself went to dental clinics run by Chineses.

and this woman is a teacher. who's supposed to show some examples to others. 

10 November 2009


Kak Teh was here during her semester break. and we ate at Cim Cum. how i love Cim Cum badly.

i only manage to take her to different eating places. i don't know where else to take her besides eating. hehe..

then we met Nubhan in KB. he's there for TM promotion

08 November 2009


the reasons i wanna go home, besides my Sayang and my Mama and Abah. they are just too cute too handle

Arash and me preternding to be cute. well, he's cute. i'm gorgeous. haha

Arash and me pretending to be ghosts while trying to scare Kak Teh away.

Arash, Ayu and me. Arash was not interest to take picture at this time. 

the 3 of us, trying to show our good set of teeth. aha

dearest Arash and his mama, Aunty Cik

all of the pictures above were taken during my finally-Kelantan-masuk-final holiday. sadly they didn't win, or else we'll get one more day of holiday. Sayang was no around cause he was in Shah Alam preparing for his viva.

05 November 2009


happy birthday Mama. love u so much. thank u for everything that u ever did and sacrificed just to see me, Angah, Kak Teh and Dikmi alive and healthy. i thank u for the trust that u gave me to make my own decision. mama love u. love u. there's no word that i can use to describe how much i love u. may happiness, wealth and health be with u. i also pray that Abah's application to return to Sp will be granted soon. i love Mama and Abah so much


Ninie aka Marlini got married to her dearest fiancee, Izaney last Sunday. i can't make it to the wedding cause i'm here in Kelantan and Sunday is not a weekend. Ninie was my class mate during primary, we haven't seen each other for years after she moved to KL. thanx to FB we can finally connect to each other now.

Congratulations dear. i wish u all the best in this new life. May u and your hubby have a blissful and happy marriage life. and lotsa children tu. (^-^) "wink wink!"

perfect for each other, aite?!

Convent girls aka my friends that were there at the ceremony. i envy u girls k!

she still looks good from behind and i love her dress. 

she's so pretty, that's why she's a model. even the bridesmaid looks so good.

credit for pictures goes to Farhana. Fana i curi dr FB u and edit skit ja. hehe.