30 August 2006

hAri Nie BirtHdAy SYA!!!

On 30th AUgust was sya's birthday...SLAMAT haRI wARgA tuA..
weLcOme to the cLub..haha...

we all xarrange any birthday party pun for sya..but we suprise her wif gifts..hehe..hope she like it doh..

Ini me n sya in lecture hall~friendship forever girl~

25 August 2006

tHe tRiP to PenANg~

LAST WEEK i went to penang for conveX'06. it was fun..it'd been a while since i visit png

we arrive there early in the morning! the first thing that came to my mind is ROTI CANAI,NASI LEMAK n TEH TARIK..wuah..i miss eating and drinking semua tu. because in kelantan all of those seems different. nasi lemak wif sambal that is not pedas,nipis roti canai and a very sweet teh tarik.cant stand that..

anyway..the most happening thing was..the chance to meet one my best bud in school...JO LYNN...miss her a lot..i havent see her since spm... i think..quite a long period.all my friends is usm were very kagum knowing tat me n jo lynn had known each other since standard 1..
ouh..i wish i can meet all my friends..they sure look different know rite..

the pameran was ok..i got to meet people from engineering campus..ehem..hehe...i oso met my dearest WAN..the one tat i share every secret wif..HOPE the secret safe wif u wan..haha...she's chubbier..hehe..

i shop a lot there...WELL~ a shopaholic shops anywhere anytime..hahaha..

i guess i didnt write a lot bout the trip..anyway..the trip was very very fun..wish i can go to another trip like tat..hehe..USM png is very beautiful..compare to my campus la..so damn jeles!!

11 August 2006

can some1 help me??!!

i'm bored to death right now!! everybody's at home enjoying their one week holiday..while me n several friends are struggling in usmkk preparing for the exhibition in penang..

oh god,i hope they'll be grateful for what we've prepare.last n8 few us slept at 4..wish is weird because exam is so far away..but due to commitment in work..we do it without complaining.hah..i cant wait to go to penang..wanna meet my friends that i havent see for a year..miz the a lot..

but still i wonder..will i have time to meet em n catch up wif their latest..as i will be very BUSY. anyway i still feel anxious on this trip...so lookig forward to go there..it has been a while since i've been there..miz the atmosphere..

hm...tonight i might have to go to dwn murni..to finish up some thing..or may be help some of my friends..whose teamate is ENJOYING their time at home...it weird to know that some people are so kejam that they just let their teammate to all the work and they got the name...very KIASU la..hopefully none of that species of mankind will be my mate or friends.

WeLcOmE to MySeLf!!

Assalamualaikum!! fuh..selamat datang utk diri sendiri..entah apahal tiba2 ja teringin nak ada blog..before this dah ada dah..tp stakat dkt frenster tu apa kls..haha..org lain ada blog..i pon tingin gak nak ada..at least my friends can get the latest news of my self..hmm..ada ke org yg nak tau pasai diri ini..hehe...sdey nye bunyi...anyway...now that i have a blog...i hope i'll have time to update it...kdg2 masa awl2 ni semangat gila...lastly..kuang kuang... -under construction- hehehe...camla busy sgt!! anw...smoga blog aku ni xunderconstruction memanjang...bez gak ada blog..leh wat tpt meluahkan perasaan dgn POYO nya.. =P
itu aku...hehe..!!