25 August 2006

tHe tRiP to PenANg~

LAST WEEK i went to penang for conveX'06. it was fun..it'd been a while since i visit png

we arrive there early in the morning! the first thing that came to my mind is ROTI CANAI,NASI LEMAK n TEH TARIK..wuah..i miss eating and drinking semua tu. because in kelantan all of those seems different. nasi lemak wif sambal that is not pedas,nipis roti canai and a very sweet teh tarik.cant stand that..

anyway..the most happening thing was..the chance to meet one my best bud in school...JO LYNN...miss her a lot..i havent see her since spm... i think..quite a long period.all my friends is usm were very kagum knowing tat me n jo lynn had known each other since standard 1..
ouh..i wish i can meet all my friends..they sure look different know rite..

the pameran was ok..i got to meet people from engineering campus..ehem..hehe...i oso met my dearest WAN..the one tat i share every secret wif..HOPE the secret safe wif u wan..haha...she's chubbier..hehe..

i shop a lot there...WELL~ a shopaholic shops anywhere anytime..hahaha..

i guess i didnt write a lot bout the trip..anyway..the trip was very very fun..wish i can go to another trip like tat..hehe..USM png is very beautiful..compare to my campus la..so damn jeles!!

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