27 February 2007

We WON!!

we actually won the TOT. eventhough i am not an athlete. but i was a part of it as also happend to join the kawad team. eventhough we only manage to get second place. but the spirit that lies in us never actually gone with the result. OMEDETO to all of MURNI NURANI atheletes.
the cheer team also won first place. beating all of other cheer team from other desa. they were so cute and energetic. i wonder what they ate until they become so energized like that. i guess it was because all of the winning and the gold medals that we 'd won.dr. nurin, kak syikin, tuan hj, and dr ahmad were so supportive at that time. i wish i will had the chance to attend tot again next year. may be not as an athelete but maybe as supporter only.the spirit never dies in us. eventhough we are so busy with classes and lab works. we still manage to spend our time for our desa tercinta...
WE ARE M.U.R.N.I N.U.RA.N.I..the best among the rest,,,

hebat sokmo menae sengoti ( which mean hebat slalu, memang menang--> sort of la)

02 February 2007

best friend

a best friend is a person who is always there for u
a person who never lie when everybody in the world is lying to u
a person who support u from every aspects but never fail to give u advice when u are at the wrong path
i dont know who is my best friend. because it seems that sometimes i feel like i had so many friends. but sometimes i feel like i'm all alone.
my best friend fathiah is going to brisbane australia this february 12 to further her study. she's going to return to malaysia as a very good english teacher. with a very weird accent.hehe. i pray to Allah thah she'll succeed and help me with my english. cos i really suck in that language. i'm going to miss her.
my best friend khaleelah, is studying in uitm shah alam. she's going to finish her study soon. also as a very good english XX. i dont know what she'll be. but all i know is she had been very good in that stream since we are still in school. i hope to see her this holiday. we are too busy on our study that we only had chance to see each other and catch up everything during holiday. 'miss ya dude'
my best friend nab, is studying somewhere in Ipoh. she's going to be a doctor soon. and i'm going to be her patient.hehe.hopefully she will be able to manage with all the stress as a medical student. i understand on what u are goin through. "gambattei nab"
my best friend watai, is studying in upsi. i won't see her for decades if there is no hari raya. bcos that's the only day where i can go to her house and eat evrything that her mom cook. she has become very stylish nowadays. completely different from the person she used to be. "people change right?!"
my best friend jenna. is in australia now. she's doin some business. the last thing i heard about her is that she had a spa there. she's very good in dealing with money since school. hope i'll be as fortunate as her. "sorry dear for missing our last date"
my friend ida, is going to ausie to. she's very good in english. no doubt about it. everyone was jealous at her during school. she had this australian accent which was hard to understand. "long time i didnt c u la"
my friend anith, somehow is unable to be reach since school finished. the last thing i heard about her was, she's studying dentistry in UKM. i know u r busy dude.
my friends ana, is in selangor now, very pretty, very cute now. she had change a lot too. but she also is very hard to reach.
as day goes by, i finally realize that everything around me is changing. my best frineds change too. they seem different, more matture, more sophisticated and much more pretty than during schools time. suddenly i realize, that i'm still the same person. still wearing that old jeans without any make up sticking on my face. i wonder do we really have to look like an adult to b matture. or is it as we get older we eat different rice then the rice wa ate during teenagers. i wonder why change. in my heart, i know that changes are good, changing from bad to good a great. and i'm hoping somehow people will only change that way. and i hope my friends too.
knowing that some of my friends, which i cannot mention their names, had change from a very innocent person to a person i barely know. make me sad. i hope they'll find the right path, the right destination, the right life. i hope they'll realize what they did was wrong.
actually, i'm missing all of my friends right now...

kelly,nab,fathiah, watai,ida,jenna,yin,thivya,ana,jolynn and all members of 5J


nodi and sya~may our friendship last forever