27 February 2007

We WON!!

we actually won the TOT. eventhough i am not an athlete. but i was a part of it as also happend to join the kawad team. eventhough we only manage to get second place. but the spirit that lies in us never actually gone with the result. OMEDETO to all of MURNI NURANI atheletes.
the cheer team also won first place. beating all of other cheer team from other desa. they were so cute and energetic. i wonder what they ate until they become so energized like that. i guess it was because all of the winning and the gold medals that we 'd won.dr. nurin, kak syikin, tuan hj, and dr ahmad were so supportive at that time. i wish i will had the chance to attend tot again next year. may be not as an athelete but maybe as supporter only.the spirit never dies in us. eventhough we are so busy with classes and lab works. we still manage to spend our time for our desa tercinta...
WE ARE M.U.R.N.I N.U.RA.N.I..the best among the rest,,,

hebat sokmo menae sengoti ( which mean hebat slalu, memang menang--> sort of la)

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the lynx said...

My Aman lost~
But anyway congrats to your team ^.^v