31 December 2009


28 December 2009


we spend 2 days in Sayang's Pak Lang's dusun in Batu Gajah Perak. i never sleep in a dusun.

pak lang's dusun. very neat and clean.

we ate a lots of durian and langsats there

but before that we need to climb some trees. that's my Sayang

our jobs were to pick up the fruits plucked by Sayang and Pak Lang

Dikmi was trying to prove that he's good too

this is paklang, still strong at 64

enjoying the durians

let the men do the jobs while i just sit around and took pictures

i love this activity so much. main tembak-tembak. well, i'm getting better in it now

04 December 2009


text 1: miss. are u still interested for dental treament

1 hour...no reply. 1 day...no reply. 1 week.. still no reply. it's just too weird when people don't want free dental treatment because it is very expensive outside

finally after 1 month...
text 2: hye, i'm not interested doing treatment with u anymore. i will seek treatment from real dentist, who will treat me as a patient not as a subject for them to learn.

and this came from a final year nursing student, who every morning goes to the ward and take blood from every patient on bed, who give them medication with her SPM cert cause she haven't had degree or even a diploma. so what makes she thinks she is better then us. this is a teaching hospital u idiot. everybody is learning, patient is a subject for us to learn. where do u think those specialist came from?! they didn't just got the skill without practicing. they learn first.

at least, we here have a supervisor, who check every single details of our work. even a small undetected caries who will not harm the patient in several years will  make the supervisor yell at us like it was a cancer. while u, your supervisor will only be around sometime, not like us. what makes u so great that u think u are not using all the patient in the ward as a subject for u to learn.