28 December 2012


Plan your leave! Please.
Now I need to reshuffle all my patients' appoinment.
Just to make sure u had your holiday. I can do that too. If only I were so sellfish like u do.
May be I can start planning my so called 'unplanned' leave for next year. Than u can start doing all the treatment for my patient. I just knew that u wont. Sigh!

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23 December 2012


It stands for sasaran kerja tahunan or yearly evaluation for my staff. This year will be the first time I'll be giving marks to them.
Bismillah. I hope I will be fair. Wish me luck.

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21 December 2012

What should u do when your other half has too many hobby?

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17 December 2012


Jelous! I do!
Tapi semua itu rezeki. Masing-masing.
Sabar. InsyaAllah. I'm waiting for the rainbow after the rain.

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21 November 2012


We passed our diving course last September.
I never thaught I can actually pass.
Cause me, not good in swimming.
I missed Redang so much.

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30 October 2012


Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha everyone


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29 October 2012


dear blog,
i was reading my old posts,
when suddenly I feels like I miss writing badly,
reading my old posts,
made me realized, how important blogging is.

it made me smiles,
it made me remember who I used to be back there,
I was so focus with life that I neglected my life.

a lots of things had happend this year.
the last time i blog it was about my failure on conceiving. haih.
not a good post.
will try my best to polish my blog. soon.

13 February 2012

3 days old baby boy presented with neonatal tooth. Tooth were removed under la. Cute babey.
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Happy annyversary sayang! 3rd year baby..
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