28 June 2008


malas. damn. i feel so lazy to go back to kelantan. living the comfort of my home. living my family, my sayang. mama's cooking. im gonna go back to a place where i have to everything by myself. eat in the cafe. which kinda suck cause the foods there are totally different from my taste. im a kedahan. i eat spicy food. i dont go for sweet char koey teow. and white-nonspicy tomyam. its true that not all food there are sucks. some of the foods there are also nice to eat. but there's nothing in the world that could beat mom's cooks. eventhough it's simple, i still crave for em. and tambah nasi banyak kali. hehe.
and the laundry. argh!!! i hate it so much. i wish i had a washing machine inside my room. then i can wash my clothes easily. i dont have to kumpul theam and carry the heavy bakul to the laundry place. hate it. hate it.
okla. enough of the bable about not wanting to go home.
today i spend my time with my Sayang watching Wanted. the movie where there's angelina jolie in it. its an action movie. i love it. and of cause my Sayang love it. he only love to watch that kind of movie. well. the movie is about assassin. the training was superb. and i wonder i u can actually shoot a gun the way they shot it in that movie. they kinda hit the target when there are halangan in front of the thingy. the bullet will just belok and straight to the target. i know la this is a fiction movie. but can this actually happends in real life? can someone answer me?
after that we have dinner at McD. can i say that me n my Sayang rarely eat at McD. i dont know why. we are not boycotting the restaurant. we just rarely eat at that place. maybe its because in Sungai Petani we have to go to central square to eat at McD. and i hate going to CS except for the movie. because that's the only place in SP that have movie theatre. better than none. i hope there will build another McD somewhere else in SP. then i didnt have to go to CS to just have a burger in McD.

26 June 2008


hari ni takdak mood. sbb dah nak kena blk kelantan tercenta. malas. huhu..

25 June 2008


kak teh was out in Lumut, Perak for the national choir competition 2008. and she and her friends are representing Kedah. can u believe it my former school SMK Convent Father Barre actully representing Kedah in national level. i cant believe it. who knows such a small school can do such a big thing. (am i overexpressing it or what???!!.hehehe) saya bangga sebenaqnya.
kak teh should be proud because she is following my mom's footstep. who is also a conventian of the same school, who actually represent Kedah with her choir group in 1970s (i forgot the actual year) its not easy for a family to repeat history. and kak teh's doing it.
i hope they win. i hope my school win. i hope Kedah win. tomorrow is the day.


and another version of us

p/s-kak teh said lumut's coverage for hp is damn bad. maybe org kuning tak suka dudok situ.hm..


angah kentot, ayu cute, kak teh poyo

obviously kakak n ayu

ayuni trisha binti huzainol hisham n arash badrishah bin huzainol hisham

24 June 2008


hari ni hujan. it was very dark outside. hujan lebat sangat

and i was on the bus to butterworth. to see someone worth in my life.

23 June 2008


that is all i can say right now. blank

my 5 weeks of holiday is gonna end soon. in 5 days. cpt nya. tak nak blk. i wanna stay at home. but i kena blk jugak. i've to strive. now that im engage i should not be lazy anymore. i must change other people's perception that love will only destroy your study.

back to the topic. i think this is the reason why medical student are not supposed to have long holiday. their brain will just go 'karat' due to long time of unusage. thus causing slowness in thinking, calculating and even knowing other people's name.
i think that is what happening to me. during this cuti i did no serious reading. EXCEPT blogs, newspapers, magazines and more magazine and more magazine and more blog. that's all i read. i watch tv a lot n during this 5 weeks i'd watch 3 movies, Indiana Jones, Incredible Hulk and Get Smart. i'd spend a lot of money to buy coffee not to stay up to study but to be awake and watch tv and surfing the net.
hurm.. i think my brain must be very grateful to me, because it hasnt been force to do a lot of work recently. none. the movie that i watch are simple movies that didnt require me to think a lot. and driving in sungai petani didnt really need u to think where to go, how to cilok that cars and so on. so my brain usage is equal to ZERO.
my memory are even worse. i dont need to memorize anything, now that im so free. sometime i even forget what time to pick up my sister. a simple one.
i hope after the new sem start the lil brain can wakes up and do what is supposed and used to do. be a good student (liar.hehe..) hope the 'karat' and damage is not so bizzare and can be fix easily.
im so nervous to enter 4th year of my study. my clinical year. but yet im looking forward of it. hope everything will go smoothly. my life should be simple. not miserable.

i'll miss u a lot

22 June 2008


aku ni mcm nak menunjuk ke? salah ke aku bg tau. slh ke aku ngaku benda yg betul. benda yg elok. argh.. terasa hati!! tp aku pon tak penah heran dgn hati org. silap aku. jujur sgt. i just appreciate honesty so damn much.
just be cool. bkn jumpa dah pon pas ni. tak jemput pon tak pa. pernah tak dijemput. walaupun aku jiran. dosa. tapi org herankah?!
aku terguris ni. perlukah. tp aku terasa.
im not trying to show off pon. im informing sahabat ku.
well. its not worth pon terasa hati. people just dont care. like u. yg tak kisah pasal others
hm..still terasa.


4years out of school. friendship are build around me. some friendship from school are still remain tight and even tighter. some of them were build after school time. but as life goes on. we become more matture. and appreciate friendship more. BESTFRIENDs are friends that we share our secrets with. we dont judge each other. but we are happy with each others life. now we dont feel envy or jealous when she talk about her life, about her boyfriends. we share the story and even the experience. with our friends' experience we learn. its more about giving and receiving. life now its not like what it is used to be when we were in school.
sometime peolpe wonder why secrets are not been shared with them. why arent they inform about certain story that we shares with certain people. the answer is simple. it is just because u dont share your story with me. what are u hopuing when u are not doing the same thing.
im not writing this to actually point to somebody.
i only write what i feel.

love u!


Happy birthday to dear ruzi sayang which was yesterday n naliny sayang which was on 20th. sweeeeet 22..hehe..

19 June 2008


happy birthday to me. well my birthday was 2days ago. im 22 alreadt. old. or should i say wiser. hehe.. saya dah tua. nope. saya dah matang. konon!
am proud to be 22.
am trying to be more mature.
am wanna be the better.
am missing my dear fiancee...

17 June 2008


future maktam and makteh

nodi, me, sya-superb photographer aka my best friends

well..i call him oftenly.huhu..hm..my phone on my selendang

me with one of the hantaran from sayang. chocolate indulgence..


me with hantarans from sayang's family

future mom in law

well. these are some of the pictures from the ceremony. i would love to upload everything. there are a lot of pictures. may be i'll upload em in my fp yang dah usang tu. u can also see some of the pictures in my friends fp http://isyania.fotopages.com or my aunty's http://mymystiquememory.fotopages.com which will be uploading later. or even my friendster.

16 June 2008


abah (right) and his friend during his year as army officer

i love u so much. thanx for being my father. for making breakfast for us. may be it sounds weird that my abah is the one who is making breakfast for us instead of mama. but it is just bacause he loves it so much. he loves helping mama. how i wish my future husband will treat me the same way that abah do.
Abah rarely get mad. he's the quite type. if u met him on the first time u might think he is sombong. but if u get to know him better u'll know that he's as ramah as me. he just need time to really get to know u. thats why most of my friends are knows my mama better than my Abah.
Abah rarely get mad. but once he get angry at us. u'll know what u get. may be no breakfast. or no treat. he'l suddenly become damn quite. extra quite. until u get uncomfie with it.
Abah. i can say that he's a type B person. more relax. more calm. compare to Mama. but they make a perfect couple. at least when Mama freaks out. Abah will try to calm her. most of the time it is like that.
Abah. we love u so much. thanx Abah. Happy Abah's Day!

10 June 2008


courtesy of kelly!

070608- im engaged to my dear sayang. im sorry that i didnt get the chance to invite everyone to the engagement ceremony. i'll sure invite u to my wedding ceremony. i'll upload the pictures when i got the chance.
alhamdulillah. the event went smooth. without me tripping down sbb tepijak kain. except that i was so nervous that i forgot the exact way to smile.huhu!! i was so nervous that i can feel my lips trembling everytime i tried to smile. pergh!!! this was so not what im thinking. so i end up making my pictures look hideous. plus i look extra garang. (well..i am garang!! hehehe..)
anyway, i would like to thank my family. my mama who's so kalot on that day. my aunty teh for making the hantaran. aunty cik thanx make up kan kakak. all my uncles and aunties for helping me. atuchu..thanx for the hantaran. serious npk real. hehe. my friends for being there for me. for being my photographer, mak andam tudung, peneman tika cincin disarung. for the hugs and kisses. my neighbours! thanx. my sayang's family. my sayang. love u so much. i cant wait until we get marry.