16 June 2008


abah (right) and his friend during his year as army officer

i love u so much. thanx for being my father. for making breakfast for us. may be it sounds weird that my abah is the one who is making breakfast for us instead of mama. but it is just bacause he loves it so much. he loves helping mama. how i wish my future husband will treat me the same way that abah do.
Abah rarely get mad. he's the quite type. if u met him on the first time u might think he is sombong. but if u get to know him better u'll know that he's as ramah as me. he just need time to really get to know u. thats why most of my friends are knows my mama better than my Abah.
Abah rarely get mad. but once he get angry at us. u'll know what u get. may be no breakfast. or no treat. he'l suddenly become damn quite. extra quite. until u get uncomfie with it.
Abah. i can say that he's a type B person. more relax. more calm. compare to Mama. but they make a perfect couple. at least when Mama freaks out. Abah will try to calm her. most of the time it is like that.
Abah. we love u so much. thanx Abah. Happy Abah's Day!

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