10 June 2008


courtesy of kelly!

070608- im engaged to my dear sayang. im sorry that i didnt get the chance to invite everyone to the engagement ceremony. i'll sure invite u to my wedding ceremony. i'll upload the pictures when i got the chance.
alhamdulillah. the event went smooth. without me tripping down sbb tepijak kain. except that i was so nervous that i forgot the exact way to smile.huhu!! i was so nervous that i can feel my lips trembling everytime i tried to smile. pergh!!! this was so not what im thinking. so i end up making my pictures look hideous. plus i look extra garang. (well..i am garang!! hehehe..)
anyway, i would like to thank my family. my mama who's so kalot on that day. my aunty teh for making the hantaran. aunty cik thanx make up kan kakak. all my uncles and aunties for helping me. atuchu..thanx for the hantaran. serious npk real. hehe. my friends for being there for me. for being my photographer, mak andam tudung, peneman tika cincin disarung. for the hugs and kisses. my neighbours! thanx. my sayang's family. my sayang. love u so much. i cant wait until we get marry.



wowwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!u look so gorgeous honey!!!u must be prettier on d day u tie d knot of marriage.really cant wait.sorry for not being there for u on ur engagement day.if i was in malaysia i would have been there for u by any means.but i'll sure b there when u're married.so the hint here is that,,,,please get married as fast as u can.hehehehe

sHe pHa said...

sume kwn2 aku laju ni.
aku yg bercinta bagai nak rak ni la yg takde tie2 knot.muahaha.
i ended up being single n all alone.*SIGH*
so happy for u dear.
actually suprised.
never thot it wud be this soon.
take care.
masa tunang darah manis tau.
kim slm kat tunang hg eh.
dunt ever forget me for ur reception oke dear~

Jenna said...

hey.. congrats babe..
I wana see more picss...

Enajuis said...

omg nooorole! congrats!!!!