23 May 2008


EVERYONE!! today is like one of the most important day in my life. tha day my result were announced. and im happily and proudly wanna tell everybody that i'd actually pass my professional exam. its mean that i can now proceed my study to the 4th year. im so happy. too happy to describe it in words. oh my god. Thank You ALLAH. for the bless!
to my study partner aka my rakan gelak tawa nangis dan bergossip. thank for helping me yg agak bangang ni. to Dr sya n Dr nodi. i know we can do it.
to Dr Zakuan n Dr Tengku Muzaffar. thank a lot for helping me during my clinical time. i really appreciate u guys. if i were given money for this exam im sure that im willing to share them with u. but i know and will always remember that it can never be paid by money. thanx doc
to my dearest sis Angah sayang. thanx sbb always support kak. thanx sbb tolong beli makanan. thanx angah. kakak sayang angah.
to all my coursemate. congratulation!! we've made it to 4th year. all of us do. see u guys in 4th year. hopefully we'll stay n graduate together. insyaallah!
to those who dont actually make it. i know i wont understand your feeling. but please dont give up. if u think u can than u can (kata-kata prof ravi to my sis)
and to mama and abah and all my family. thanx sbb doakan kakak.
to my sayang. thanx for giving me strength when i was down. for being the shoulder for me to cry.
everyone who i hadnt mention their name but is involved in my life. THANK U!!!


Jenna said...

congrats babe.. i've always knew u would make it.. so don't stress...

prof dean isya nia said...

u r welcome dear

nOoRoLe said...

thanx my friend!!!