22 May 2008


sayang kamu

window shopping

picnic time

happy birthday sayang

on the ferry to penang. i dah lama tak naik ferry. romantika kah?! haha!!

Actually my dearest's sayang birthday is last month. but due to the busyness of study week i dont really have time to actually post this. well. he's 29 this year. the first time we ever celebrate a birthday together. and we will celebrate em again and again. InsyaAllah! there's nothing special about the day except that the time that we'd spend together which is so precious. as i get to see him only once a month. the rest of the time we are only connected through the phone.
we picnic at batu feringgi, penang, its a nice place. but sadly and frankly to say the sea there is not so pretty and clean anymore. but it's not that bad.
happy birthday sayang!

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