22 May 2008


what is the matter with my exam?! a lots of friend don't actually understand how it is handle. even though i'd explain to them many time. some of my friend still cannot understand how complicated my exam is. meybe some of u have been taking exams just the way that i do. and already understand. but my post today is for those wo didnt really understand
MEQ or modified essay question
this i the paper where all questions are put in one envelope.
u can only takes out one paper at one time. or basically one subquestions.
usually one case will have around4 to 5 sub questions.
u can only take out one subquestion and answer them correctly.
each small questions is to lead u to diagnose the patient's disease.
so u wont know the disease until the last paper u take out.
after finish answering one small question the answer sheet is inserted into another envelope.
then only u can take out the next paper which contain another small question regarding the case.
well. to be more thrill the answer for the question u just inserted into the envelope will be written on top of the sheet of the new questions that u had took out.
if u just answer the previous one correctly, u'll feel ok. but if u were to answer wrongly u'll feel damn frustrated. the common words in my mind is "kenapa la tak terlintas pon benda ni td. i know this!! damn"
MCQ or i dont know.hehe!!
this is the best one.
there are 75 questions with 5 small questions.
so overall there is 375 questions to be answer in 2 and a half hour.
the answer is simple. u should answer TRUE or FALSE.
simple right?!
but the thing is if u were to answer one question incorrectly. 0.5 marks will be deducted from your total mark. for each answer that is wrong minus 0.5
for corraect answer only 1 mark is given.
so u are not encourage to guess.
but for me i 'tembak' a lot.hehe..
use your instincts.

OSCE or something to do with clinical la

there around 21 stations. u'll be placed in the station according to your name.then the bell will ring. that means u can start answering your question for that station.after 5 minutes. the bell will ring again. showing that u have to move to the next station.u have to place your answer sheet in the box provided at that station before moving to answer the questions on the next station.this cycle will go on until u'd finished all 21 stations.pictures, speciment, or anything will be placed at the station and u only have 5 minutes to thing to garu kepala or anything.

u will have to clerk one patient.
his history. u will not know the patient's diagnosis.
so u have to clerk precisely to actually know the disease
then u will ask to perform physical examination on that patient.
and lastly (my favourite!! uwek!!) discussion dgn doctor.
its suck because u have to face 3 doctors like your having some kind of interview. then they'll ask u questions. regarding the case, the patient or anything under the sun.
tjis is the time where most of my friends including me will suddenly have tought block.
it suck when u know the answer but u cant produce them verbally.
so all of the mark for this exam will be accumulated.
then u'll know your nasib.
wether u'll procede to the next sem.
or u have to stay another year and take the same exams. with different questions of course!!
can u see why im scared of exams!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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