18 May 2009


kak ngah

sorryla kak ngah eh? terlupa pulak nak masuk gambaq kak ngah skali. sorry morry! birthday kak ngah will be on 26th of May. sama dgn cik wan aswa. saya amat terlupa pasai birthday kak ngah. sorry ye kak ngah. so this is a special post for kak ngah. who is my dearest cousin yg sedang membesar gajah. cun tak? tp dia dah ada ehem2 yg masih dirahsiakan dari saya sampai la sekarang. seb sunggoh!

happy birthday dear cuzz. smoga berjaya kecapi apa yg kamu mahu

16 May 2009


It's may! and lotsa my Sayangs will celebrate their birthday this month

it starts with Ain's birthday on 12th of May. Ain is my roomate here in USM for 2 years already. she's turning 23. ouch!! hehe. tuwe sikit je dari I!

next we have my Teh's and dear Yati's birthday. Teh's age cannot be revealed here. takot kena saman. anyway, i uploaded muka teh masa muda remaja dolu dolu (courtesy to aunty teh). if u look at him now, u wont believe that he use to be the one in the picture. aunty masak sedap sgt la ni!!

while for yati, she turns 23 this year. she married one week after me. awak mmg suka tiru saya ye yati. hehe. smoga yati bahagia disamping Paly tersayang. and be a good doctor soon.

then on 19th is my Abah's birthday, abah dah umor 50 tahun this year. tp uban masih boleh dikira. apakah rahsia nya?? haha. lagi 5 tahun abah dah nak pencen. i love u abah. my Abah jarang senyum dalam gambar. so this is one of the lucky photo that i had.

my swee Yati aka Haryati, whom i knew from IRC dulu, turns 23 on 21st of may. we went to the same PLKN camp. ouh. i miss u dear. i never thought that our friendship through IRC will last till now. remember kita selalu lari-lari takut makanan habis. and then we wonder why on earth our weight kept increasing eventhough we did lotsa jogs and playing netball! gilak!

dearest Wan Aswa turns 23 too on 26th of May. she is my favourite friend during matriculation. we always do crazy things together during that time. sama-sama rebut tempat paling depan dekat kafe sebab nak tengok Sanay Wala Nang Wakas. i still remembered that kita 2 orang je yg frust bila ara tak kahwin dgn Leo. bengang! bengang! anyway, she had graduated and soon will become a very successful engineer. insyaAllah!

and last but not least. my dearest Pak Su who will turn 23 on 28th of May. eventhough dia berpangkat paksu, tua cuma la sebulan dariku. and to those yg masih single mingle, and interested to had a relationship to someone who eats a lot and like to speak about army thing, please contact me. cause my Paksu is still available.

happy birthday everyone. sorry no pressie for this year. i love u all.

picture of cupcakes courtesy of kak anna


Sayang! it's been almost 4 months now that we are married. 
i love u more and more each day. 
i'm sorry i can't always be by your side. 
it's hard for me too.
how i can't wait to finish my degree soon.
another year. insyaAllah!
lets pray that i succeed soon. amin!

rindu la~


during study week. i was craving for something slurry and slurpy like spaghetti and so. so i asked dear noddy to take me out for dinner. we went to Tesco and went to Kedai Pakcik Kenny. i ordered the spaghetti bolognese and noddy here ordered the macaroni with cheese. u know how healthy foods at Kedai Pakcik Kenny. it is tasteless.
so i asked the waiter for salt and pepper. then the waiter asked me wether i want chilli or tomato. hm. he didn't hear what i said i guess. then i said it's ok la. just bring me pepper instead. then this naive guy shows with his hand wether i want this size of paper!!! paper.
hm. i was quite mad at that time. but i just kept quite. in my heart i was questioning myself wether Kedai Pakcik Kenny only serve healthy food, so they didnt had any salt and pepper. or is it the waiter's ear who had problems?
tak pegi dah kot!

02 May 2009


promote! promote! sila undi lagu ini. haha! nampak sgt aku tak dak keja. i'm supposed to study now. not blogging.heh


i love this song. hehe. lagu lama.