21 April 2007

the thing about exam

ONE DAY BEFORE MY EXAM. and here i am, updating my blog. i hate study week. i know that tis is the time for us to cover everything up before the real exam. it's juast that revising and doing nothing but study make me bored.
the whole week was full with studying, no tv, no shopping, no nothing. luckily my room got full internet coverage. at least i did not feel so 'katak di bwh tempurung' at this time.
anyway, that was one of the reason why i am not studying right now.hehehe.. so busy with the internet.
i hope i can do better this time (everyone!! please pray for me) compare to the last exam which was a total SUCK!!
hopefully luck is on my site right now.
if somehow i am not lucky again. i hope i'll in the professional 2.
please pray for me ya all!!