24 January 2010


alhamdulillah. we had reached our first year as hubby and wife. i love u

06 January 2010


my friend's sis is selling bracelet via blog now.
please stop by and have a look!!

01 January 2010


new year feels the same for me. it doesn't make any changes at all. it's just another flip to a new calendar, a new diary to be filled and a new organizer to fill in with patient's appointment. last night was celebrated with dear TV and Angah. nothing much. i never appreciate new year. i never even celebrate it. but during previous new years, it's a MUST for me to make new year resolutions., but for this new year i only had one, hm... probably two. first of all I WANNA GRADUATE! i have enough of life here. i wanna finish my study and work and have my own money. i envy my friends who's already leaving their title as students.

however, 2009 did make a lots of impact in my life. my wedding!!! ngeee~ it's gonna hit one year soon. i'm married at 22 which i never ever imagine. well. u can only plan your life, and God is the one who fix everything. Sayang. i love u till the end!

some of my close friends changed their status too. Yattea & Paly, Ain Roslan, Kema & Khai, Watai, Izyan, Ceah Fasihah.

also i went to Singapore, to visit my grandfather who i haven't seen for almost 10 years with Sayang and Tok. it was our honeymoon plus meeting relatives trip. well, who on earth brought their grandma on their honeymoon's trip aite?!

i enter my final year, in 2009, which seems forever when i was in first year. i need to manage my own patient, answering all the questions by supervisors alone, without a partner to help me. i even need to clean all the instruments used on my own, which makes me leave the clinic at 6 pm almost everyday. it sucks ok! can't wait to move my butt off this school soon! everyone, please pray that my journey will be safe!!!

goodbye 2009. i'm hoping for a better 2010. insyaAllah.