29 October 2008


today is angah's birthday. she's now officially 21 years old. anyone nak masuk meminang?! hihi. sorry guys. angah said she'll only get married after she's working. sbb kakaknya dah habiskan duit mama and abah sbb nak kawen waktu study. anw, we celebrated it yesterdat sbb i was so psycho and can't tahan a minute of staying in my small room. clinical day was so tiring that i must go out and refreshed my mind!
so yesterday, i belanja cik angah makan dekat kedai pak cik kenny yg baru dibuka dekat tesco, KB. so angah order some chicken dgn macaroni and cheese. as for me yg berfasting, i ordered spaghetti. the griddy me add some nasi. sbb takut tak kenyang. going half way through the mail was very difficult. banyak sgt. disebabkan saya puasa. saya cepat rasa kenyang. maka bermula lah sesi paksa mulut untuk telan. we were able to finished all the meals. kuat kan?! hehe.
 muka lapar.
 this is what i ate. greedy me!
 choc muffin for angah's birthday. sorry angah kek kecik je tahun ni!
after eating we went to this small fish spa dkt tesco, KB. murah je. RM 12 for 30 minutes. at first geli geli geli. but then after 10 minutes i feels more comfortable. nampak sgt kaki ini penuh daki. sbb ikan tu best sgt makan.
just ignore the big feet. focus on the fish. cute aite?! warning! ignore the ugly-big-feet, ok?!
p/s- noddy jom la p tempat ikan ni. best best best!

26 October 2008


cari baju for my wedding. siap!
i dont know that it is very hard to choose a one. hard! hard!
i got some pictures of them. but cant reveal it now la. nanti hilang seri. hehe!

watch movie with my sayang. dangerous bangkok.
i think the movie is fine

is the first day i enter my clinical year.
first time i take impression from a real patient

cuti. cuti. cuti. happy diwali my dear friends!

p/s- good luck to all my friends who'll be sitting for exams this months

17 October 2008


i have a problem. recently i'd been craving for ice cubes. hm. i really really feels like eating ice cubes now. it sounds as if i had pica disorder. it has been going on for a week. 
warning!:ice cubes are bad for your teeth.

15 October 2008


pa'a dedicated a poem for me. thanx. thanx thanx pa'a. not everyday people write a poem for me. wii!!


October is full of birthdays of my loves one. because there are too many of them in this month. i cant buy pressie to all. kena simpan duit for kahwin ma! hikhik.

3rd October
 haziq fikry dah besaq. dah 5 tahun. dah tak boley minum susu dlm botol. malu malu.
7th October
 happy bday noddy. selamat menyambut hari warga tua. u r 22 now!

 10th October
dearest jun. dah tua seh ko! 22 already.
 dear cuzz ain is 19 i guess. sorry cuzz. i forgot how old u are!
15th October
my dear thivy is 22. yeay! you are old already dear. i wish u all the best in your life babe. 
fatni is 22 this year. i haven't seen her for years.
17th October

 atie is 16 this year? aite?
 miss jenna is 22. u r so far away babe.
20th October

cik syitah is 22. miss penolong ketua yg lemah lembut. ahaks!
27th October

 ain anak pak cik roslan pon dah 22.
28th October

daus my cuzz is 20 this year. i'm sure bout it.

29th October

cik angah kentot dah 21. thanx angah. for being my best frien. i love u so much.
i'm sorry if i didn't wish u personally. it's not that i forgot or what. sometimes i remember the night before or even two or three days before the date. but when the day arrive. i simply forgot. i guess i had a small memory capacity. anyone knows where i can upgrade my memory??!! =D

11 October 2008


yup. im getting married next year. on 24th of january 2009. it will be at my gramma's house. if u know me then u know where it is. i'll post the invitation cards here when it's ready. there are still lots of work to do but so little time. i thought getting married is damn easy but it is not. hehe. i'm lucky because i still has my mama, abah and family to help me. my gosh. i'm still blur. 
the akad will be on the same day of the reception at my house. most probably in the 24th morning. the reception on my Sayang's house will be on the CNY, 26th January 2009.

10 October 2008


this entry was supposed to be posted last week. but becaue of the end posting exam that i'm having. now only i had the chance to do so. 
5 days before hari raya 
me n my sister went back to SP 5 days before hari raya. we thought we were lucky because we got the bus ticket and we didnt meed to naik bus tambahan. it is very sad to see our friends sitting in the city liner bus (the red shuttle bus around town). plus the bus arrived right on time on that day. but we were not so luckt after all. the bus hit a tiang and broke one of its window. and how 'lucky' we were that the broken window is exactly at our seat. thanx to the transnasionanl bus driver. we were sitting on the tiny pieces of broken glass. shit! my but hurted! whatever la. as long as i arrived home safely.
4day before hari raya.
went shopping raya with my family. suka suka suka.
shopping shopping
3 days before raya
i had cough. a really painful cough. it was annoying. i cant even breath properly. there was sound. my aunty aka my doctor said i had chest infection plus generalized ronchi. (ps-i never had asthma)
the day before raya.
in the morning, i was busy helping mama with her laksa, gulai daging and ayam masak merah. malam ni dah boley makan ketupat ni. hm. kalau next year kakak kawen. macam mana nak tolong mama. sob sob.
in the evening. me, my sis and my cousin, kana, yong n dearest ayu baked some cookies, muffins and my moms famous choc cakes. hana and kak teh was very happy because this is the first time they trying to bake something. sebelum ni diorang ingat diorang bdk kecik. tak payah buat apa-apa.
 arash belajar tateh
on hari raya.
it was a day full of eating and eating. i ate ketupat, mama's laksa, mama's laksa, nasi daging, mama's laksa again, cookies, lontong, nasi lagi. hehe. i ate a lot. i invite some of my friends but only dearest thivya and her friends showed up. others either busy with their exams, dnot in SP or simply did not reply my message. i wonder why.duit raya makin kurang. tanda-tanda im getting older. bila dah kawen thn depan confirm dah tak ada duit raya. mintak dgn Sayang jer la.
 my family. tema hijau tak jadi. sebab baju gagal disiapkan. every year posing dkt port yg sama
auntys and cousins
 arash pakai baju melayu. thn depan tambah sampin ye
second day of hari raya
balik kampung at Tasek gelugor. makan makan makan. visit tok su, long bad, and my pak ngah. he looked well now. able to smile eventhough he still cant speak. but somehow it was better comparing to the first time i visited him. i think he's still on the accepting phase. hope he get well soon. it's not impossible. insya ALLAH.
 on the way balik kampung
third day of raya.
my Sayang came raya at my house. hampeh. kutuk orang masak. sgt tak adil. hehe. we went raya at Mak Tam's house. ritual hari raya semenjak habis sekolah. ngeh ngeh.
forth hari raya
my family went to Pendang visiting the future in laws. makan laksam yg sedap. and guess what they discuss about my wedding. hehe. gatai. and to those who's reading my blog. i'm getting married on 24th january 2009. insyaAllah. we already fixed the date. it will be on saturday at my gramma's house. i'll invite u officially later when the card is ready. it is 2 days before chinese new year. insyaAllah. pray for my happiness ok girls!
my hari raya for this year is onlly for 4days because on the 4th night me n Angah went back to USM. sad sad sad