10 October 2008


this entry was supposed to be posted last week. but becaue of the end posting exam that i'm having. now only i had the chance to do so. 
5 days before hari raya 
me n my sister went back to SP 5 days before hari raya. we thought we were lucky because we got the bus ticket and we didnt meed to naik bus tambahan. it is very sad to see our friends sitting in the city liner bus (the red shuttle bus around town). plus the bus arrived right on time on that day. but we were not so luckt after all. the bus hit a tiang and broke one of its window. and how 'lucky' we were that the broken window is exactly at our seat. thanx to the transnasionanl bus driver. we were sitting on the tiny pieces of broken glass. shit! my but hurted! whatever la. as long as i arrived home safely.
4day before hari raya.
went shopping raya with my family. suka suka suka.
shopping shopping
3 days before raya
i had cough. a really painful cough. it was annoying. i cant even breath properly. there was sound. my aunty aka my doctor said i had chest infection plus generalized ronchi. (ps-i never had asthma)
the day before raya.
in the morning, i was busy helping mama with her laksa, gulai daging and ayam masak merah. malam ni dah boley makan ketupat ni. hm. kalau next year kakak kawen. macam mana nak tolong mama. sob sob.
in the evening. me, my sis and my cousin, kana, yong n dearest ayu baked some cookies, muffins and my moms famous choc cakes. hana and kak teh was very happy because this is the first time they trying to bake something. sebelum ni diorang ingat diorang bdk kecik. tak payah buat apa-apa.
 arash belajar tateh
on hari raya.
it was a day full of eating and eating. i ate ketupat, mama's laksa, mama's laksa, nasi daging, mama's laksa again, cookies, lontong, nasi lagi. hehe. i ate a lot. i invite some of my friends but only dearest thivya and her friends showed up. others either busy with their exams, dnot in SP or simply did not reply my message. i wonder why.duit raya makin kurang. tanda-tanda im getting older. bila dah kawen thn depan confirm dah tak ada duit raya. mintak dgn Sayang jer la.
 my family. tema hijau tak jadi. sebab baju gagal disiapkan. every year posing dkt port yg sama
auntys and cousins
 arash pakai baju melayu. thn depan tambah sampin ye
second day of hari raya
balik kampung at Tasek gelugor. makan makan makan. visit tok su, long bad, and my pak ngah. he looked well now. able to smile eventhough he still cant speak. but somehow it was better comparing to the first time i visited him. i think he's still on the accepting phase. hope he get well soon. it's not impossible. insya ALLAH.
 on the way balik kampung
third day of raya.
my Sayang came raya at my house. hampeh. kutuk orang masak. sgt tak adil. hehe. we went raya at Mak Tam's house. ritual hari raya semenjak habis sekolah. ngeh ngeh.
forth hari raya
my family went to Pendang visiting the future in laws. makan laksam yg sedap. and guess what they discuss about my wedding. hehe. gatai. and to those who's reading my blog. i'm getting married on 24th january 2009. insyaAllah. we already fixed the date. it will be on saturday at my gramma's house. i'll invite u officially later when the card is ready. it is 2 days before chinese new year. insyaAllah. pray for my happiness ok girls!
my hari raya for this year is onlly for 4days because on the 4th night me n Angah went back to USM. sad sad sad


faRha said...

sudah mau kawen ka??
takottnyee akuuu

nOoRoLe said...

aku pon takot!!

the lynx said...

Oooh oooh... I must come!
I'll mark it in my calender!
Remind me every month ya!

Volvoxx said...

Congrats! Haha! Awesome timing :D ...I'm doing my attachment then but since its 2 days before CNY I think I should be able to make it. Cant wait!

Happy lah you :D Dream come true

angkasa said...

heheh.tkot laa cgat.haha.sgan aih.hehe;D

fathiah zulkafli said...

yeay!!!!!!!i'll be on ur happy day!!!will be will be will definitely be!!!

nOoRoLe said...

lynx: u must come

volvoxx: its hol. n u wajib mai rumah i k.

angkasa:ekeleh xngaku lak..sapa yg takot2 masa nak beking tu. sp? sp? jwp cot. hehe

fat:kamu pon wajib jugak.

noddy said...

wei..aku lak y excited..x saba nk g kedah lg..huhu..congrate dear..wish for ur happiness..=)