24 September 2008


this entry will sure make miss jenna jealous. yesterday i donated my blood for the seventh time. i first donated my blood when i was studying in matriculation. now that im staying so damn near to the hospital. it is much more easy for me to donate blood. i just go to the unit transfusi darah HUSM. check my hemoglobin level and blood pressure. and walla! i can start donating my blood already.
yesterday was special because it is an event organized yearly by blood transfusion units. they held a berbuka puasa then after that we can start  donating our blood. for those who are lucky. u might get prizes from the lucky draw. the grand prize was a TV. i was not very lucky yesterday. but my sister got a bread toaster. lucky her. now i can tumpang her.
at first my hemoglobin level was only 11.8 below the level i should have in order to donate blood. the minimum level was 12.0. sad sad sad. but lucky me after repeating the test my hemoglobin level is 12.4. it is normal to had false result on the first test because the alcohol swap that been used might cause som dilutional effect.
me and sya!  the regular donor. hehe!
happy. berjaya menderma!
my blood is AB. org cakap kedekut. sbb we can only received blood from other blood group donor but we are not able to donate to other blood group
to those who never experienced donating blood. u should try at least once. it is not that painful. the first injection was a bit painful. but that injection is the one that make u didn't feels the pain. because the first injection is only the local anesthetic drug. the second injection are not painful at all even though the needle are bigger than the first one. during the process u won't feel anything. after donation u are allowed to rest until u feel better. the amount of blood donated depends on your weight. as for me who weigh 54 kg. i can donate one big bag which was 450ml. after donating, there are free foods for u to eats. and u will be prescribed hematinic to ensure that u won't be anemic later.
dont be afraid that amount of your blood is now less because our body is build in such beautiful way that it has its own factory to produce the blood. don't worry ok! donate now. and u'll safe lifes later.


farie♀♥♂farihan said...

aku darah AB...n aku sgt kedekut!!!
1st time donate, tanak kuar...n aku serik...muahaahaha!~

Enajuis said...

wow thts good wei! jenna got donate 50ml... can give to a mini sized baby rite?

angkasa said...

nti update lak sal raya re2.nk amik gmbaq kuih raya.haha ;D

nOoRoLe said...

farie : cmn mau jd contoh kat patient ni hahaha..

enajuis : hehe. i never heard tht we can donate that small amount...but at least she tried...

angkasa : nanti kakak update. blom letak gambaq lagi. ada dlm cam angah

Jenna said...

wtf, got lucky draw some more... arghhhh

yes u make me very jealous.. my 50ml looks so inferior to urs.. lols