22 September 2008


yeah. i know. there are 8 days to go. but still i cant wait to celebrate raya. eventhough i havent prepared anything yet. i havent buy new baju raya or anything. and i havent plan the biscuits to bake for this raya. thats why i cant wait to go home. i wanna bake cakes and biscuits. ouh!!! i can smelled the cookies baking already!!! yummy!!
i cant wait to eat mama's laksa this raya. its been a while since the last time mama cooked her famous laksa. and tok's ketupat is the best. and angah's moist choc cake is superb. im drooling. i cant wait to eat n eat. i dont care if i gain back the 5kg that i lost during the puasa. dont care!! dont care!!
this hari raya is the first raya that i'll celebrate as my Sayang's fiancee. still saya nak duit raya ye Sayang!! hehe.
to my friends who never miss to come to my house on hari raya. please come ok. this is an early invitation. hope to see u girls soon. okay! my mama's laksa will be waiting for u!!


Volvoxx said...

Wei! Send kat aku wei! Dah lama tak makan >.< Miss the laksa and ketupat so badly >.<

angkasa said...

kakak nk bt kuih raya gak.tggu n0rh.hehe ;D