01 September 2008


finally. the ramadhan has arrived. and i hope it brings along bless and happiness. i hope i'll learn to be more patient, less aggressive, be more cool in evrything.
but somehow my first day of puasa sudah dipenuhi dgn ketensionan. as i have to rewrite my case write up which i already type and submitte to Mr Tarmizi. sungguh tensi. tapi saya kena wat jugak. and on this thursday i have my end posting exam. which was suck cause recently i'd noticed that i always had thought block. which was making me tense because i remember what the doctor says but when asked i cant produced it in words. it is so hard to be describe. but i really hate the feeling.
right now i have a lot of hate in my heart that i hope will be gone by this ramadhan. somehow i which some people to be more sensitive in what they say. hello!! u are breakong my heart here. cant u see!! (and im not talking about my Sayang)
anyway. happy ramadhan everyone. hope u'll be bless by Allah. i wish im at home breaking fast with Mama's home cook. huhu!

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the lynx said...

Hey Fahizha. Happy puasa~
It's been a while :)