11 June 2009


just open this web, and tell me what do u think and feel?


Jo Lynn was here in Kota Bharu. she stayed in my small hostel room. i'm so glad to see her. i think the last i met her was 2 years ago when i visited the main campus during TOT.

ok. Jo Lynn is my friend, we were in the same class since standard 1 Hijau till form 5. (except during standard 2, if im not mistaken). basically, she just finished her study in USM and is on her backpacking trip around Malaysia before she start working in Singapore. it happends that im the only friend who's staying in Kelantan. so i offerer myself to become host for her.

we went to several famous museums in Kota Bharu. it was first time for both of us. eventhough i'd stayed here for 4 years, i'd never been to the museums. we also went to Pasar Siti Khatijah and Pantai Cahaya Bulan. i introduced her some of the Kelantanese food like Nasi Ulam, nasi kerabu, colek and etc. then only i know how much Jo Lynn loves budu, which is very very rare.

the things that we did in Kota Bharu

07 June 2009


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1 year ago, i was engaged to u, a man that i love. 6 months later, we decided to get married. i never thought it will be this fast. but i know its coming.i love u more and more each day sweetheart. how time flies!

happy engagement anniversary Sayang. i love u.

02 June 2009


my clinical partner just get married to her fiance last weekend. congratulation dear, i went to her house in Pasir Puteh with my dear Sayang. we love the 'gulai kawah'. rasa macam nak bungkus bawak blk je. nasib la tuan rumah tak offer. kalau tak confirm aku cedok byk-byk.

Kema was my clinical partner during forth year, my groupmate during third year and my roomate during my second year. and Khairil who i addressed as Cik Khai was my groupmate in third year.

they look great together aite?

me and my clinical partner. she lookes great that day.

congratulations to Nurulaqmar Iwani and Khairil Ridzwan.


we had our graduation night last week at Renaissance KB. congratz to all seniors who had make it through. i am so proud of u guys. i can't wait till it's my turn. the theme for that night was Fairytales. everybody dressed up nicely. i was wearing white kebaya. i'm supposed to be a Malay fairy but somehow my headgear that will madw me looked like a fairy was missing in action. huhu! i was quite frustrated cause i already bought the thing but i couldn't wear it.

overall that night was superb, the food was nice, the ambience was so fairytales. i love it. congratz to all of my friends who really work hard to make this night so perfect. im sorry that i didnt help that much cause i was having some problems with my study. im so not good in multitasking. here are some pictures of the night.

7th batch of DDS USM

there were pirates, fairies, red ridding hood, witches, stepsisters, princesses and etc

lower left pictures are pictures of our friends with Dr Wan, the winner for best dressed female that night. she was so sporting.

lower picture are picture of Dr Raja and wifey

most of the pictures i took from my friends pages. i didnt have lotsa picture cause i was having headache that night so i went home earlier. CONGRATZ TO 6th BATCH DDS USM.