07 June 2009


1 year ago, i was engaged to u, a man that i love. 6 months later, we decided to get married. i never thought it will be this fast. but i know its coming.i love u more and more each day sweetheart. how time flies!

happy engagement anniversary Sayang. i love u.


aNiSFaHiMi said...

k...cubby yg blong..k bg mkn apa ni..heheh..ni mest x exercise

CeKeBamBaM said...

wah bahagia btul..
doakan fatin plak ea

nOoRoLe said...

anisfahimi: ntah la blong tu. dia makan angin byk sgt sbb k xmasak kat dia. tu yg chubby

fatin:akak doakn fatin.insyaallah