27 September 2014

Tioman Trip

Husna survived her first boat trip. It was a 2 hour journey. And she made it. She slept through out the journey although the air cond was not functioning.

We spend most of our time in hotel's pool and the beach. We also went for a snorkrling trip. Husna was so excited looking at the fishes.

Mr Hubby went for a free dive while both of us only sat on the boat. Sad sad.

14 June 2014

Husna Ahmad Fairuz

Our lil bundle of joy was born on 111213 via c-sec in Hospital Sultanah Bahiyah, Alor Setar.

She weight 2660g with 500mm height.

Most people said she copies her Abah's lookes. Well. I guess Mama didn't has any share in the physical site.

We name her Husna. It means good or baik. We wanted a short, simple and meaningful name. As our names are already long.

From our experience, people will got confuse on which name to use. So,  we chose Husna. And yes, a lottssss of people been asking why is it too short. Why not Nurul Husna? Why not Husna Fahizha? Why not this? Why not that?

Hm.. She's our daughter. And InsyaAllah. We knows what is vest for her. And it started with naming her with a short name.

Hello 2014

Dear blog,
I just realized i'd been neglecting u for quite sometimes. It is hard to update your blog  With instagram and facebook around. And it's even harder when u have a baby by your side. I wanted to share my journey becoming a mom so badly with everyone. But i never found the correct time yet.
Many has been asking on the tips. I hope i'll find one decent day to write bout it.

Ouh, fyi i'm now a mother to Husna binti Ahmad Fairuz!