30 July 2008


yup! in my recent post i claimed that i hate being arround type b person. tp saya bukan nya benci. cuma saya rimas. tp itu masalah saya. sbb dalam dunia ni memang akan ada both type. so takkan la saya kena benci all type b person. saya yang kena belajar terima org yg beza dr saya. the previous entry was posted masa saya tgh PMS. im sorry if i hurt anyone. masa tu saya stress.

**sya.u r my favourite type b person ever!! i never lie.

**happy birthday to cik mumtaz naseem and cik norissa othman. dah 22 dah korang.

29 July 2008


saya memang type A. and i love being aroung those who's type a. yup! mmg ada member2 and even my own sister are typer b person. but still saya suka being surrounded by type a person. saya rimas!! bila terlalu ramai type b around me. it makes me stress. saya jd marah bila org buat kerja lambat. jalan pon lambat. and i'll end up walking alone. saya tak marah org jalan lambat. tp saya jd stress. sbb saya suka benda yg cepat.
saya kena belajar to accept people for whom they are.
and this is what i found in the net. it's SO true.
"Type A individuals can be described as impatient, excessively time-conscious, insecure about their status, highly competitive, hostile and aggressive, and incapable of relaxation. They are often high achieving workaholics who multi-task, drive themselves with deadlines, and are unhappy about the smallest of delays. Because of these characteristics, Type A individuals are often described as "stress junkies"."
Researchers have also found that Type A behavior is not a good predictor of coronary heart disease.According to research by Redford Williams of Duke University, the hostility component of Type A personality is the only significant risk factor.Thus, it is a high level of expressed anger and hostility, not the other elements of Type A behavior, that constitute the problem.Because of these criticisms, Type A theory is considered to be obsolete by many researchers in contemporary health psychology and personality psychology.
that means, i have to control my tye a personality well. or i'll end up with the disease.
maka jangan pelik kalau saya suka marah-marah. atau suka jalan cepat-cepat. atau suka makan sorang-sorang. atau suka kalot-kalot. saya bukan memilih. tapi dipilih.
**happy belated birthday to aunty teh and aunty chik yg mana umor mereka mesti dirahsiakan. hehe.

25 July 2008


control macho?! adakah?!
spaggheti with chicken
sayang pulon black pepper steak yg dibelanja oleh diri sendiri
muka sayang memikirkan masa depan nak kawen dgn org yg kuat makan. hehe!
saya sangat rindu sayang saya. lambat lagi nak balik. and i miss him so much. ma nak kawen.


scholar dah masuk. and saya dah janji gn noddy that we'll eat at Food Village, PC once scholar dah masuk. so exactly on the day scholar masuk, me and sya forced noddy (yg dah lama tak drive and only drove us once) to drive us to PC. noddy dah pandai dah skarang drive keta. eventhough all the way through the journey to encik najmuddin asyik call ja. hehe.
okay. so at food village we order the restaurant's specialties cimcum. cimcum ni macam stemboat la. the only different is that kita boleh bakar makanan kat tgh2 periuk tu. and the best thing bout cimcum is it is serve in buffet style. i repeat BUFFET. that means boleh ambik as much as u can. ada marinated beef, chicken, squid, a lot of sotong ball, ketam ball. so we eat like there's no tomorrow. kami mesti makan macam tu. sbb we'll be charge for the unfinished food. luckily we have stretcable stomach that can be expand. hehe.
ni ha periuknya.
sya muka tak sabar. angah muka excited.
this picture was purposedly darken because the action was too horified to be seen. and next to that monster is cik noddy kentot
hm. sya and angah lagi
and this is the result. benda-benda hangit kat tgh tu.hehe.
and the price for one person is only rm12.90 not including the drink. saya nak p lagi nanti. hehe.

22 July 2008


yeay!! finally posting ni dekat HUSM. so i dont need to wake up early to catch the bus, or iron my clothes late at night so i wont be so kalut if i woke up late. yeay! yeay! saya suka. sgt suka. skrg ni at 0800 baru saya sibuk2 siap. sgt2 kurang stress dari dulu. tp posting ni 2 minggu ja. and pas ni is the most scariest, menakutkan, mentraumakan punya posting selain posting medical. and that is posting surgery.
hurm. saya dah la tak berapa nak pandai. plus tak suka belajar medic. i repeat TAK SUKA BELAJAR MEDIC (sbb tu saya mintak kos dentistry bukan MEDIC) macam mana la saya nak survive. dgn exam nya lagi. requirement utk present and clerking case lagi. sgt risau.
anyway, for posting radiology. its not that scary. a lil bit boring i could say. sbb we have to fufill the requirement which is observing certain procedures (MRI, CT scan, ultrascan,densitometry. fluoro. ada lagi tah??!) so we have to walk here and there la and the most difficult part is bila nak mintak signature from the doctors. man, they scared me a lot. esp those surgeon yg nampak sgt garang (saya assumed je pon). plus having the doctors to questioned the reason we (yg nak jadi dentist ni) have to be in the department. one doctor asked me what is the relation of the hip (as the doctor was performing ultrasound on the patient's hip) and teeth. i was stunted. tak tau nak jawap apa. anyone with an answer.
ini saya dan paa. we are trying on the lead suite which was damn heavy that it almost broke my damn shoulder. its compulsary to where this thing when they are performing anything that involve radiation. hey. i want kids in the future k. have to protect em from now.
i beginning to feel stupid right now. i was sooo not very good in teeth and still i have to concentrate myself with this medical stuff. i know there are certain part that are related. but i'm so sure that it's not everything. so after studying here for almost 4 years. i still doubt the reasons i have to study medicine (i cant wait to graduate. fast)
but still i feel that its good that we are getting to know thi radiology stuff. at least when people ask me bout this stuff i wont be so blurred. and insyaAllah i can actually answer their questions. and if any of my family member were to go through any of this radiological procedure. it wont be a strange thing to me. i just have to stay positive like this for another 10 weeks before i actually finished my medicine posting which was so stressful
angiogram. the team were trying to find defects in the reconstructed radial artery that got injured during a MVA. the patient developed compartment syndrom.
angio is an invasive procedure. which means infection control is a serious matter. and this is a pair of disposable-cute-shoes that we have to wear during the procedure.
and this is me. wearing lead gown and cute new shoes.hehe.
**did u noticed that i actually resize my pictures. rajin kan. hehe. happy birthday to athirah my coursemate.

21 July 2008


thanx sayang. i love chocolate so much. jgn marah la kalau nurul buncit.


hari tu saya balik and saya tgk movie (noddy jangan jeles ya), batman baru the dark knight dgn adik-adik saya (minus angah. tak dapat balik sbb masuk kampung). kami p tgk waktu pagi. pukul 11 lagi. cerita ni best. tp lama sangat. more than 2 hours. saya rimas dudok lama-lama. saya asyik tgk jam ja masa kat dalam tu. over all saya suka the joke, heath is a good actor. awek batman dah tukar. bukan katie holmes lg. tp maggie gyllenhal (betoi ke aku ngeja ni). walaupon muka dia nak sama dgn katie. tp saya rasa dia kureng lawa. and dia berlakon pon biasa-biasa ja. saya rasa cerita batman kali ni macam cerita balik movie batman yang dulu. dulu-dulu dah ada the joker and two faces. tp kali ni saya dah tau camna two faces tu wujud.
ni first time sy ambik gambar dalam panggung. adik mi dgn kak teh buat tak tau. takut kena tangkap ambik gambaq
post dulu
post lagi
budak kecik tgk wayang (kecik la sgt)
adik beradik yang suka ambik gambar
tak habis2 posing
p/s- happy birthday to my bestest friend cik farhah khaleelah binti halim dan ex klinikal partner cik nurul hidayah farha binti khairuddin. anda dah 22 thn. jgn lupa daftar ngundi ye.

16 July 2008


yesterday. i'd tried the new kfc's twister as my sahur meal (erm. sahur kol 12). rasanya dulu macam dah pernah ada meal ni dkt kfc. but last time it was also fills with tomatoes. this time tak da tomato. it was a bit dry. tp saya mkn dgn lahapnya. dah lama saya termimpi2 pasai benda ni. so i cannot tahan. at 12 i dah sahur (erm. posa ganti le ni. last minute! huhu).
first impression. it looks like a roti canai yg membaluti lotsa ayam. hehe. its a simple meal. and im damn full after finishing it. got vegetable also inside. cuma susah nak letak sos. sbb the tortilla aka roti canai really membaluti ketulan2 ayam goreng tu. over all. sedap cause it makes me full. ahaks!

nampak macam roti canai kan?!

tadda! there's ayam goreng inside. i ought to squeeze the sauce on top of the ayam. and had to squeeze some more after each bite. actualli was too malas to open the roti canai. takut nanti terkoyak then i had to eat it like a real roti canai. eheh!
p/s-it was already cold when i ate it as i bought it at o4oo pm. i guess it is better if u ate it while it was still hot.

15 July 2008


from 12 -14 July hari tu. dekat depan stadium KB ada Pesta Nasi 100. ada macam2 nasi. most of the nasi were sold by hotels in kb area. n of cos la kalau da makan2 ni. saya mesti la semangat nak pegi. after seminar that day, we rushed to the fiesta to 'tapau' nasik for us to makan at out hostel (erm, kami dah boring dgn hostel's food. hari2 benda sama). me and paa la org yang plg semangat sekali nak singgah kat situ. hihi. org gilak.

ikan keli besar bapak. hm. yummy. tp besar sgt pon tak lalu jgk.

sotong goreng pedas. dekat kelantan mmg famous masakan goreng pedas ni. kat sana tak da sambal tumis. tp ada goreng pedas. besar tak sotong ni?!

teman berbelanja aka paa. suka makan. suka beli. harga nnt baru fikir. pastu kopak. hehe.

yg ni booth hotel mana tak tau. hotel raudhah kot. dah tak ingat. byk gila lauk. hm. saya yg berpuasa ketika itu hampir tak dapat menahan nafsu. hoho!

cooking demo by chef liza. saya tak dpt rasa nasi yg dia masak. ramai sgt org. n we were rushing takut bus tinggal at that time. erk. chef liza tak pandang camera lak.

i was trying to capture the banner for the fiest. but my super-canggih-la-sangat hp tak boleh nak captured it more clear.

ni gerai kuih-muih yg manis lg lazat. ini kan kelantan. manis baru sedap.

my favourite. kambing guling at reinassance hotel's booth. i bought this kambing with nasi beriani. sdp2. paa sampai dpt hypertension la masyuk sgt makan kambing ni.
this is the second's foodd fiest that i'd attend in KB. hopefully pas ni ada lg. saya kan suka makan. jgn la jd gemok. ada lagi 2thn dekat sini. insyaAllah. baru 3 thn dekat sini. my weight dah naik 4kg. tak turun2. masalah tu. walau pon okay dgn my height. tp tak mau la asyik naik pulak. tak best je bunyi nya. *sigh*. anyway. i still love eating *bating lashes dgn tak bersalahnya*. hehe.


hari tu saya berbuka dkt McB. kedai makan dekat depan usm ni. saya order nasi grg usa. huhu. sikit sgt. tak cukup. nyesal plk tak patah blk ikot sya n nodi makan lg satu round.

nasi grg usa. dah separuh habis baru ingat nak ambik gambar
p/s-saya memang suka makan


saya dapat belated birthday gift from awan, noddy n sya. thanx friends, sbb ingat birthday saya. saya dah umor 22 tahun, this year*sigh*. kdg2 saya lupa birthday kawan2. saya mintak maaf. kdg2 saya ingat. tp saya tak da kredit nak msg. n kdg2 bajet saya lari. jd saya tak boleh bg hadiah. most of the time i remember. sbb saya buat reminder dkt hp saya. apa-apa pun. saya mintak maaf kalau saya tak wish or tak bagi hadiah. insyaAllah tahun depan saya ingat.

left: nodi bagi, right : awan bagi
confirm2 nodi nak saya menabung untuk masa depan. sbb skarang ni saya selalu belanja tak hingat. n awan. saya suka kaler hijau. cute sgt. dua2 pon cute sgt. tima kaseh ye!.

ini hadiah dari sya. yg kat belakang tu hadiah2 from previous years. thanx semua!!
sya lagi bagus. bagi mr froggie kat saya. gemok dan bulat. n the most important is. mata dia ada blink blink. sesuai la sgt dgn saya. yg suka duit. hehe. saya sedang berusaha.
p/s-sayang bg saya white shirt. thanx dear. terlupa nak ambik gambar.

12 July 2008


hari ni saya p makan bird nest dekat Nespure dkt KB mall. kedai tu dekat ground floor. nas belanja sempena belated birthday saya and engagement saya. saya order yougurt oranged flavoured with bird nest. sangat sedap. dia letak buah oren kat dalam tu. tp harga dia boleh tahan. tau je la. bird nest memang mahal. we only order yg 10 g punya tu pon dah rm9.90. tp nas belanja. thanx nas. bila ada duit nanti boleh la try yg mahal lagi. anyway they say bird nest is good for your health. nampak tak skin kitorang glowing. hehe.

skin kami semakin glowing. cant you notice??!!

hopefully Nespure ambil kitorang jadi model. bley la tampung duit JPA yang tak berapa nak cukup tu. maybe lifestyle kitorang yg menyebabkan duit tak cukup. asik makan ja

menu at Nespure. reasonable kah? mungkin! tp bagi saya yang tak kerja lagi rasa in sangat mahal.

inilah yg kitorang order. sedap. and baru tau yg bird nest tu tak ada rasa pon. nampak macam soon yg buat sup tu ja.
p/s- i like to try new food. if ada suggestion gitau. saya suka makan.

11 July 2008


aku masih lagi seorang yg pemalas. im still a lazybum. terlalu malas tu actuall edit my pictures into perfect size. i just uploaded it straightly from my hp. kenapa aku ni malas sgt.
today is my first day at klinik. and aku terlalu malang. sbb i'd to call 7 patient before the last patient, who's actually a usm student, agree to come .oh my god. is it so hard to come for a free dental check up. maybe they just didnt realize that it is damn expensive to get one in private clinic. yeah! maybe they just dont want a student to trest time. plus, this is my first time. they must be a first time before it can be a second time right?!
a day at clinic, erm, half day actually, sangat tiring. kali ni bukan penat berdiri. tp penat berjalan. i'd to walk here and there. everything must be documented. and i hate it. i know it is important. but i just dont like procedure. and i hate birokrasi. *menci*. *menci*. tp still i have to go through.
my patient is a dental student. so there's not much finding. cause we are already expose to right and wrong in oral hygiene. and lebih malang lagi when ought to be the last one to present. dah dekat pukul 5 baru tergedik2 nak present. luckilyi managed to complete my patient's folder to be despatch. kalau tak i kena datang lg to the clinic this sunday to manage everything. thanx to Dr. Khairul. tp sedih sbb he tak sempat nak sign my log book. still have to chase him this sunday. BORING!
hari ni hari khamis. that means no class for tomorrow. i dah siap basuh baju sbb tomorrow nak bgn lewat. hehe. buruk perangai. and as usual. malam ni malam minggu. so i went out with my sis. nak try kedai baru kat tesco, Kota Bharu tu. london fish tale. disebabkan saya berpuasa. saya pon dgn yakin mengorder meal yg paling besar yang ada kat situ. the big catcher. dgn perasaan yakin yg saya boleh habiskan meal tu. and kat bawah ni i'd uploaded unresize picture. tak payah tulis byk2. anyway. saya rasa makanan kat sini patut dicuba.

org2 tgh makan dkt kedai London Fish Tale kat tesco. actually aku nak tunjuk kedainya ja.

tempting kan fish and squid. not fish and chips. sedap. chips yang banyak. tak caya tanya angah. dia yang makan

our meal

the one that i tried. the big catcher. well i thought i had a big appetite.

masa makan ialah saat yang menggumbirakan. mama kata depan rezeki kena happy. tak boleh buaw muka monyok. ini adalah contoh muka happy depan makanan.

Angah tak sabar to eat the meal.

me. enjoying the food. yummy!!

Angah berjaya menghabiskan the fish and squid dgn jayanya.

hm. ini tak patut dicontohi. well. im guess i need a bigger tummy to fit in the food. ni muka terpaksa habiskan makanan-sebab takut membazir-punya look.

and finally. saya tetap tak dapat habiskan meal tu. if my sayang ada mesti habis. hehe. he got bigger tummy than mine.
p/s-saya rindu sya and nodi

09 July 2008


hari ni kelas habis awal. so masa tengah tunggu bus tu. i snap some pictures to be upload in this blog. tulis blog rajin. study malas. and i can feel like this is the longest weekend i ever had. very tiring.

HKB yg dilawati from Sunday to Wednesday, from 8am to 4pm. tiring lo!

surau tempat merehatkan diri at lunch hour. sleep. sleep. sleep. and to my friend : saya masih baik untuk tidak menyiarkan gambar anda ketika sedang tidor nyenyak.

after the class finish, semua orang menerpa membeli buah. sedap.sekarangkan panas.

saya yang sewel. sakit kepala sbb berdiri lama sangat. tolong bagitau saya apa solution untuk soar feet. especially tumitku yang sakit sgt sebab kena berdiri lama. ni belum start posting surgery. nnt mesti lagi teruk. aiyak!

posing with dearest roomate dekat dpn HKB. hari2 kitorang lintas jalan ni. walaupun penat we are still in mood to post. gilak!

i miss them so much. everytime i go home they seems different. they seem to grow fast. semakin lama semakin tinggi and cakap pon semakin banyak.

this is the youngest. adik arash sayang. rindu kamu