11 July 2008


aku masih lagi seorang yg pemalas. im still a lazybum. terlalu malas tu actuall edit my pictures into perfect size. i just uploaded it straightly from my hp. kenapa aku ni malas sgt.
today is my first day at klinik. and aku terlalu malang. sbb i'd to call 7 patient before the last patient, who's actually a usm student, agree to come .oh my god. is it so hard to come for a free dental check up. maybe they just didnt realize that it is damn expensive to get one in private clinic. yeah! maybe they just dont want a student to trest time. plus, this is my first time. they must be a first time before it can be a second time right?!
a day at clinic, erm, half day actually, sangat tiring. kali ni bukan penat berdiri. tp penat berjalan. i'd to walk here and there. everything must be documented. and i hate it. i know it is important. but i just dont like procedure. and i hate birokrasi. *menci*. *menci*. tp still i have to go through.
my patient is a dental student. so there's not much finding. cause we are already expose to right and wrong in oral hygiene. and lebih malang lagi when ought to be the last one to present. dah dekat pukul 5 baru tergedik2 nak present. luckilyi managed to complete my patient's folder to be despatch. kalau tak i kena datang lg to the clinic this sunday to manage everything. thanx to Dr. Khairul. tp sedih sbb he tak sempat nak sign my log book. still have to chase him this sunday. BORING!
hari ni hari khamis. that means no class for tomorrow. i dah siap basuh baju sbb tomorrow nak bgn lewat. hehe. buruk perangai. and as usual. malam ni malam minggu. so i went out with my sis. nak try kedai baru kat tesco, Kota Bharu tu. london fish tale. disebabkan saya berpuasa. saya pon dgn yakin mengorder meal yg paling besar yang ada kat situ. the big catcher. dgn perasaan yakin yg saya boleh habiskan meal tu. and kat bawah ni i'd uploaded unresize picture. tak payah tulis byk2. anyway. saya rasa makanan kat sini patut dicuba.

org2 tgh makan dkt kedai London Fish Tale kat tesco. actually aku nak tunjuk kedainya ja.

tempting kan fish and squid. not fish and chips. sedap. chips yang banyak. tak caya tanya angah. dia yang makan

our meal

the one that i tried. the big catcher. well i thought i had a big appetite.

masa makan ialah saat yang menggumbirakan. mama kata depan rezeki kena happy. tak boleh buaw muka monyok. ini adalah contoh muka happy depan makanan.

Angah tak sabar to eat the meal.

me. enjoying the food. yummy!!

Angah berjaya menghabiskan the fish and squid dgn jayanya.

hm. ini tak patut dicontohi. well. im guess i need a bigger tummy to fit in the food. ni muka terpaksa habiskan makanan-sebab takut membazir-punya look.

and finally. saya tetap tak dapat habiskan meal tu. if my sayang ada mesti habis. hehe. he got bigger tummy than mine.
p/s-saya rindu sya and nodi


prof dean isya nia said...

hehe sya pun rindu nurul
rindu mase sama2 dlm DK

Jenna said...

damn girl... the meal is HUGEEEE...

nOoRoLe said...

its damn huge.
i cant finish em all..