04 July 2008


dah 5 hari kat sini. this is my clinical orientation week. and it is damn bored. and it is damn stressful. im so stress knowing to know that i have to do a lot of thing. and learning medicine for another 3 months really stress me up. ingat kan dah tak payah belajaq medic. and sapa kata tak payah. payah la. payah. hoho. payah=very difficult.
plus our posting will be in Hospital Kota Bharu. we ought to take bus at 7am. and stay in HKB until 6pm. from sunday til wednesday. and on thursday we'll be having clinic. and this thursday im gonna meet my first patient. but she dont have to be worry because im only going to do examination on her. tp takut jugak. am afraid that i'll poke her with the probe.
to add more stress. today we got a book. a log book. written there the requirement that we need to fulfill in 2 years time. byk nak mati. and byk gila procedure to be taken before we could actually start anything. nak ambik barang kena isi borang. nak panggil patient we have to isi form. so much to do with ISO and all the birokrasi. but still we have to learn. nak jadi professional. so we must work like a professional.
layak kah diri ini. a question that i always questioned myself.
hm.. first posting=paediatric. the idea of playing with kids and seeing them suffering in pain just make me stress more. i hope i can handle them well. i havent clerk any patient for almost 2 month. dont really know wether i can still remember the procedure.
**happy belated birthday to my cousin nashrah. who already turned 22 on 29th june and to nab dearie, good luck with your clinical year.

roomate kini dan selamanya. miss ain a.j! blur ini ialah style

i swear i miss this fatty so much
p/s- i might not have time to update my blog next time. *sigh*

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