06 July 2008


blurry. that's the word to desribe how i feel today. i was so blur with everything. i forgot how to clerk patient. how to do examination on them. i for got everything. even when im looking at the patient's folders i was so blurred. i dont remember a thing. the investigations form was so alien to me. i was so sure that i didnt throw out any part of my brain. and i was so sure that i never had any incident of concusion during the holiday. so where did i put all things that i'd studied last time. it seems lost somewhere. please.anyone who found it. please return it back to me. saya sangat perlukan all the knowledge.
posting paediatric hari ni masih lagi relax. i only clerk one patient. AGE's patient. i didnt do any examination because im still in orientation mood. hoho. well. i hope everything when smoothly. im so scared to hear that doctors dkt surgery department sangat garang. saya dah le tak pandai mana. kalau saya blur masa depa tanya camna. mati la saya. dah la saya ni lack of self confident. pastu cpt blur pulak tu. what to do.
paediatric patient mmg different from adult patient. when i followed the ward round i can see that PE sgt susah. hoho. takutnya saya.

one the bus from HKB to our dearest hostel. stay there from 0800 til 1630

hari yg sgt panas. makan kacang kuda.

kafe dekat HKB. cheap!! i can say.

p/s- i miss this cecewi-s so much. adik hezryn, adik arash and adik ayu

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