05 July 2008


how i miss kb mall so much ( what a lie). hari ni saya shopping kb mall. habiskan duit jpa saya. my head was spinning at that time. i didnt take any pain killer. because i think it is because of the stress. so i decided to go shopping in kb mall with angah, nodi and sya. we took bus instead of renting cars.kami menyahut seruan kerajaan. with the minyak now so mahal plus the traffic jam on the way from Kubang Kerian to KB. its better to take bus or cab rather than drive yourself there. it only cost RM1 from Kbg Kerian to KB Mall.
when we got there my head is still spinning round and round. tp after looking at the baju and everything.i can feel that 50% of my head weight is gone. im so lifted to see all the discount tags everywhere. i dont know what is the occasion but it seems like there are sales everywhere. and im so delighted. well. i bought i pair of khakis slack from applemint and 2 nicole's shirts. hoho. so gila right. with my scholar tak masuk lg. it is consider gila. hehe.
plus. i also bought comforter for my new bed and lotsa food.

my shopping stuff. penuh satu troli. gilak

after that we ate at mcD. the onion ring was nice. sedap. and ice cream is so perfect when we were stressfull

and kitorang balik dgn kereta sapu = RM18. agak mahal. still kena bayar. because we cant take bus. dgn barang byk mcm tu.
p/s- if u were wondering kenapa pictures' at my blog all terbalik2. it is because im so lazy to edit the picture. and im hoping that blogspot can allow us to edit picture in here. can we?

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