04 July 2008


mari memakan steam boat. today. jun, hajar, citah, n kak bai cook steam boat. n rezeki saya sgt murah sbb telah diajak untuk menjadi PTS *love it*. its very delicious and superb banyak. n anyone who knows me. sure know how much i can eat. i ate so much. right now i can still feel my stomach so full ( dah sampai peparu dah makanan td. sungguh hyperbola) thanx everyone. it is sungguh sedap.

steamboat hostel
bad news. angah's room for this year is in a different block from me. which is very very suck. nanti susah la nak buli angah. saya menci. saya menci. nodi n sya sure got the same block. that one i'd predicted before. so dont really feel the stump on my heart. apakah ayat ini.
and i miss everyone at home including my sayang. my feeling right now is just like how i feel when i was in first year. masa orientation week. i was so home sick. right now im feeling it. and i hate it. having to know that angah's room so far away. just make me feel more home sick. and even sad. damn i cant wait to finish my study. i wanna graduate fast. become a dentist. and hopefully. get out from this place. i just wanna be home.

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