22 July 2008


yeay!! finally posting ni dekat HUSM. so i dont need to wake up early to catch the bus, or iron my clothes late at night so i wont be so kalut if i woke up late. yeay! yeay! saya suka. sgt suka. skrg ni at 0800 baru saya sibuk2 siap. sgt2 kurang stress dari dulu. tp posting ni 2 minggu ja. and pas ni is the most scariest, menakutkan, mentraumakan punya posting selain posting medical. and that is posting surgery.
hurm. saya dah la tak berapa nak pandai. plus tak suka belajar medic. i repeat TAK SUKA BELAJAR MEDIC (sbb tu saya mintak kos dentistry bukan MEDIC) macam mana la saya nak survive. dgn exam nya lagi. requirement utk present and clerking case lagi. sgt risau.
anyway, for posting radiology. its not that scary. a lil bit boring i could say. sbb we have to fufill the requirement which is observing certain procedures (MRI, CT scan, ultrascan,densitometry. fluoro. ada lagi tah??!) so we have to walk here and there la and the most difficult part is bila nak mintak signature from the doctors. man, they scared me a lot. esp those surgeon yg nampak sgt garang (saya assumed je pon). plus having the doctors to questioned the reason we (yg nak jadi dentist ni) have to be in the department. one doctor asked me what is the relation of the hip (as the doctor was performing ultrasound on the patient's hip) and teeth. i was stunted. tak tau nak jawap apa. anyone with an answer.
ini saya dan paa. we are trying on the lead suite which was damn heavy that it almost broke my damn shoulder. its compulsary to where this thing when they are performing anything that involve radiation. hey. i want kids in the future k. have to protect em from now.
i beginning to feel stupid right now. i was sooo not very good in teeth and still i have to concentrate myself with this medical stuff. i know there are certain part that are related. but i'm so sure that it's not everything. so after studying here for almost 4 years. i still doubt the reasons i have to study medicine (i cant wait to graduate. fast)
but still i feel that its good that we are getting to know thi radiology stuff. at least when people ask me bout this stuff i wont be so blurred. and insyaAllah i can actually answer their questions. and if any of my family member were to go through any of this radiological procedure. it wont be a strange thing to me. i just have to stay positive like this for another 10 weeks before i actually finished my medicine posting which was so stressful
angiogram. the team were trying to find defects in the reconstructed radial artery that got injured during a MVA. the patient developed compartment syndrom.
angio is an invasive procedure. which means infection control is a serious matter. and this is a pair of disposable-cute-shoes that we have to wear during the procedure.
and this is me. wearing lead gown and cute new shoes.hehe.
**did u noticed that i actually resize my pictures. rajin kan. hehe. happy birthday to athirah my coursemate.


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