16 July 2008


yesterday. i'd tried the new kfc's twister as my sahur meal (erm. sahur kol 12). rasanya dulu macam dah pernah ada meal ni dkt kfc. but last time it was also fills with tomatoes. this time tak da tomato. it was a bit dry. tp saya mkn dgn lahapnya. dah lama saya termimpi2 pasai benda ni. so i cannot tahan. at 12 i dah sahur (erm. posa ganti le ni. last minute! huhu).
first impression. it looks like a roti canai yg membaluti lotsa ayam. hehe. its a simple meal. and im damn full after finishing it. got vegetable also inside. cuma susah nak letak sos. sbb the tortilla aka roti canai really membaluti ketulan2 ayam goreng tu. over all. sedap cause it makes me full. ahaks!

nampak macam roti canai kan?!

tadda! there's ayam goreng inside. i ought to squeeze the sauce on top of the ayam. and had to squeeze some more after each bite. actualli was too malas to open the roti canai. takut nanti terkoyak then i had to eat it like a real roti canai. eheh!
p/s-it was already cold when i ate it as i bought it at o4oo pm. i guess it is better if u ate it while it was still hot.

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