28 June 2008


malas. damn. i feel so lazy to go back to kelantan. living the comfort of my home. living my family, my sayang. mama's cooking. im gonna go back to a place where i have to everything by myself. eat in the cafe. which kinda suck cause the foods there are totally different from my taste. im a kedahan. i eat spicy food. i dont go for sweet char koey teow. and white-nonspicy tomyam. its true that not all food there are sucks. some of the foods there are also nice to eat. but there's nothing in the world that could beat mom's cooks. eventhough it's simple, i still crave for em. and tambah nasi banyak kali. hehe.
and the laundry. argh!!! i hate it so much. i wish i had a washing machine inside my room. then i can wash my clothes easily. i dont have to kumpul theam and carry the heavy bakul to the laundry place. hate it. hate it.
okla. enough of the bable about not wanting to go home.
today i spend my time with my Sayang watching Wanted. the movie where there's angelina jolie in it. its an action movie. i love it. and of cause my Sayang love it. he only love to watch that kind of movie. well. the movie is about assassin. the training was superb. and i wonder i u can actually shoot a gun the way they shot it in that movie. they kinda hit the target when there are halangan in front of the thingy. the bullet will just belok and straight to the target. i know la this is a fiction movie. but can this actually happends in real life? can someone answer me?
after that we have dinner at McD. can i say that me n my Sayang rarely eat at McD. i dont know why. we are not boycotting the restaurant. we just rarely eat at that place. maybe its because in Sungai Petani we have to go to central square to eat at McD. and i hate going to CS except for the movie. because that's the only place in SP that have movie theatre. better than none. i hope there will build another McD somewhere else in SP. then i didnt have to go to CS to just have a burger in McD.


fathiah zulkafli said...

sweet!tgk movie ngn bf.hehe.sian ang.kena balik uni.thts d most painful part after holiday.be it long holiday or short holiday.n yeap!aku stuju!mcd patutnya buat lagi satu luaq dr cs.aku sndri mls p cs.dh la parking asyk full.tensen esp weekend la.hehe =p

nOoRoLe said...

tlg lah..anyone please..tlg buat proposal..buat mcd dkt area legenda height ke..i nak mkn mcd ..tp tokse p cs