23 June 2008


that is all i can say right now. blank

my 5 weeks of holiday is gonna end soon. in 5 days. cpt nya. tak nak blk. i wanna stay at home. but i kena blk jugak. i've to strive. now that im engage i should not be lazy anymore. i must change other people's perception that love will only destroy your study.

back to the topic. i think this is the reason why medical student are not supposed to have long holiday. their brain will just go 'karat' due to long time of unusage. thus causing slowness in thinking, calculating and even knowing other people's name.
i think that is what happening to me. during this cuti i did no serious reading. EXCEPT blogs, newspapers, magazines and more magazine and more magazine and more blog. that's all i read. i watch tv a lot n during this 5 weeks i'd watch 3 movies, Indiana Jones, Incredible Hulk and Get Smart. i'd spend a lot of money to buy coffee not to stay up to study but to be awake and watch tv and surfing the net.
hurm.. i think my brain must be very grateful to me, because it hasnt been force to do a lot of work recently. none. the movie that i watch are simple movies that didnt require me to think a lot. and driving in sungai petani didnt really need u to think where to go, how to cilok that cars and so on. so my brain usage is equal to ZERO.
my memory are even worse. i dont need to memorize anything, now that im so free. sometime i even forget what time to pick up my sister. a simple one.
i hope after the new sem start the lil brain can wakes up and do what is supposed and used to do. be a good student (liar.hehe..) hope the 'karat' and damage is not so bizzare and can be fix easily.
im so nervous to enter 4th year of my study. my clinical year. but yet im looking forward of it. hope everything will go smoothly. my life should be simple. not miserable.

i'll miss u a lot


hana_bdk_rajen said...

aik.da nk hbs cuti?rs cm sat jaa.tp tempoh tuh kakak xbosan kaa?hmm.btoi laa.kna buktikn pd org yg uat tggapan ngatif psal tu kn.btw.hope kakak bjy sem strusny.acece..x)

nOoRoLe said...

cuti la masa plg best..masa skolah asik kata cuti=boring..bila xdak cuti baru pdn muka...