25 June 2008


kak teh was out in Lumut, Perak for the national choir competition 2008. and she and her friends are representing Kedah. can u believe it my former school SMK Convent Father Barre actully representing Kedah in national level. i cant believe it. who knows such a small school can do such a big thing. (am i overexpressing it or what???!!.hehehe) saya bangga sebenaqnya.
kak teh should be proud because she is following my mom's footstep. who is also a conventian of the same school, who actually represent Kedah with her choir group in 1970s (i forgot the actual year) its not easy for a family to repeat history. and kak teh's doing it.
i hope they win. i hope my school win. i hope Kedah win. tomorrow is the day.


and another version of us

p/s-kak teh said lumut's coverage for hp is damn bad. maybe org kuning tak suka dudok situ.hm..


kak teh said...

thankss kakak,luv u..=]

p/s:org kuning sibok dok dlm gua n laut,sbb tu xdk coverage kt ctu,,mcm mana la org ug keja kt hotel tu,xtension ka???bleh paki telekom ja,hehe..

nOoRoLe said...

welkam kak teh

Anonymous said...

adedehh.. ur school shouldn't win.. the pride should goes to Sin Min.. they are way better than your school!!! this can be seen during the nationals!! you all sucks!!!!!

nOoRoLe said...

dear anonymous..
then u should be the judges on that day..
why question it when its already over..maybe its our school luck. but u didnt have the right to say that our school sucked..
hah.. coward. using anonymous instead of your real damn name..