22 June 2008


4years out of school. friendship are build around me. some friendship from school are still remain tight and even tighter. some of them were build after school time. but as life goes on. we become more matture. and appreciate friendship more. BESTFRIENDs are friends that we share our secrets with. we dont judge each other. but we are happy with each others life. now we dont feel envy or jealous when she talk about her life, about her boyfriends. we share the story and even the experience. with our friends' experience we learn. its more about giving and receiving. life now its not like what it is used to be when we were in school.
sometime peolpe wonder why secrets are not been shared with them. why arent they inform about certain story that we shares with certain people. the answer is simple. it is just because u dont share your story with me. what are u hopuing when u are not doing the same thing.
im not writing this to actually point to somebody.
i only write what i feel.

love u!


fathiah zulkafli said...

nab pakai tudung comeyyyyyyyyy okes.hehehe

nOoRoLe said...