17 June 2008


future maktam and makteh

nodi, me, sya-superb photographer aka my best friends

well..i call him oftenly.huhu..hm..my phone on my selendang

me with one of the hantaran from sayang. chocolate indulgence..


me with hantarans from sayang's family

future mom in law

well. these are some of the pictures from the ceremony. i would love to upload everything. there are a lot of pictures. may be i'll upload em in my fp yang dah usang tu. u can also see some of the pictures in my friends fp http://isyania.fotopages.com or my aunty's http://mymystiquememory.fotopages.com which will be uploading later. or even my friendster.


amir said...

waaaa.lawa2 gamba.

prof dean isya nia said...

thank nurul
kembang kuncup hidungku